Watch this inspiring video of the IVF journey taken by Kirstie and Chris from Belfast in Northern Ireland.  Kirsty went through the menopause at 16 and thought she’d never be able to have children but clinic ‘Tambre’ made their dreams came true.

Play Video about Cover of Kirstie and Chris Video - Pregnant despite teen menopause
Deborah CEO of Nua Fertility

Our final FET

A personal message from the founder of #nuafertility Deborah Brock. I was scared. I was scared of trying again and I feared more failure. Trying...

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Actor Lily Collins who plays Emily Cooper in Emily in Paris

Will Emily have her own baby?

If you’re a fan of ‘Emily in Paris’, the popular Netflix series about an aspiring American marketing executive who moves to France, you might have binge...

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From adoption to surrogacy, endometriosis to egg donation –  our exclusive video collection gets right to the heart of fertility issues

If you’ve ever wondered whether it’s possible to get pregnant with stage 4 endometriosis, or you’re curious to learn how LGBTQ surrogacy works, our videos can show you the practical and emotional stages of each journey. We cover everything related to fertility with our growing video libraryMale infertility, adoption, fitness for fertility, IVF, fertility doctor interviews and nutrition 


We’re committed to bringing our readers raw and engaging fertility content, that is as entertaining as it is educational. We cover real-life stories from passionate bloggers and influencers who have experienced their own fertility journey.


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If you’re having a tough time on your fertility journey, remember you don’t have to put on a fake smile.
Love yourself and take your time to recover.
Tomorrow is another day …

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Really impressed with these guys! So much so that we’re listing them in our little black book of best fertility clinics.
They are an all female team who really understand a woman’s body and know what you’re going through.
Their team include experts in understanding PCOS and they also test for endometriosis.
They’re based in Spain and apart from offering egg donation they use state of the art technology to analyse the egg quality before creating the embryos.
No wonder they have such a high success rate.
If you’re thinking of starting a fertility journey register to chat with their experts for free online on Saturday 15th April. They’ll also have a stand at the fertility show in London in May.

Best of luck!!
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Exciting new resources coming soon…
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If you’ve heard the word but don’t really understand what #endometriosis actually is, then please look at the full interview with our reporter Emma Kemsley on our website. This often excruciatingly painful condition can affect anyone.
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March is #endometriosis awareness month. Take a look at our website for videos and articles from our endometriosis warrior Emma Kemsley

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A groundbreaking new saliva test to detect endometriosis is now available.
The Ziwig Endotest claims to be able to detect all types of endometriosis, mild and advanced without surgery.
Read more on the homepage of our website.

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Hand-picked supplements, cosmetics, books and gifts to support the fertility journey

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