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Every clinic is different, and there is no such thing as “too much information” when you are researching a clinic.

Nicosia IVF Centre, North Cyprus

This cosy clinic in northern Cyprus has everything you could want from a boutique IVF clinic. From the warm and friendly staff to the picturesque location rich in history and natural beauty, it’s hard to imagine a more perfect experience for an overseas IVF patient.

There’s more though – Northern Cyprus has a special legal arrangement with the European Union, meaning that its costs are lower, and its legal restrictions less strict than in surrounding territories. These conditions make it a popular destination for IVF patients from all over Europe.


Menopause at 14: Interview with Hayley Cockman

How do you cope with being told you can’t have a baby when you’re only 14?

Hayley Cockman started going through the menopause while at school and got no emotional support from doctors.

Since appearing in a television documentary she has been flooded with pleas of help from menopausal women seeking advice when trying for a baby.

Currently starting the process of adoption, she told our reporter Emma Kemsley how this dramatic diagnosis changed her view of parenthood.

Hayley is a brand representative for:

Not A Fictional Mum
Becoming A Mother, Skipping The Labour. Fertility And Adoption Insights


PCOS and endometriosis can both be barriers to fertility, as well as living a normal life.

We have resources to help with all aspects of these challenging conditions.

Our endometriosis columnist Emma Kemsley writes about life with stage 4 endometriosis. She covers surgery, medication, egg-freezing, and the emotional and practical side of life with this chronic condition.

We’re also constantly compiling new research and reporting on issues in the media that relate to endometriosis and PCOS.


Fertility treatment is made possible with the expertise and care of doctors, surgeons and other medical professionals.

From embryologists to endometriosis surgeons, we meet and celebrate some of the world’s most dedicated fertility professionals. We profile medical professionals whose contribution to fertility has been outstanding in some way.

Interviews and Q&A sessions with doctors and surgeons offer a unique perspective on some of the most important people on your personal fertility journey – the professionals who are performing your procedures.

Medical professional spotlight – Zita West

Fertility expert, author, nutritionist and midwife to the stars Zita West is one the fertility world’s most familiar faces. We’re huge fans of Zita’s holistic approach to fertility, which aims to get couples in the best shape possible for pregnancy. With an impressive rate of success for both IVF and naturally conceiving couples, there are perhaps thousands of couples who would credit Zita West with helping them to get pregnant.

Zita’s books have sold hundreds of thousands of copies all over the world, and Zita has appeared on TV & radio, and in print countless times.


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