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Mental health is an incredibly important part of the fertility journey.

Connection, understanding and professional support all play a part in a healthy fertility experience. Our mental health page is an ever-increasing resource of helpful articles.

As well as clear and concise articles on the mental health aspect of the fertility journey, we also explore some of the deeper concerns. How does the way we move through our fertility journey affect our mental health? What mental health preconceptions need to be challenged – and how can we integrate our experiences – both positive and negative, in a healthy way?


Freedom Fertility Formula with Dany Griffiths

What if your councillor understood your specific fertility struggles & issues? Fertility-focused councillor Dany Griffiths has trained over 90 specialist councillors who now operate all over the world! Dany and her small army of Freedom Fertility Formula™ councillors provide the only counselling service specifically for people experiencing fertility issues.

Freedom Fertility Formula™ helps people to cope with the stress and isolation of fertility struggles, Dany’s unique counselling service focuses on the end goal – getting pregnant – as well as the emotional side of fertility frustrations.

As well as a counselling powerhouse, Dany is also an author! Her Freedom Fertility Formula™ has empowered women to crack the code of their own well-being, and helped them to take charge of their own fertility.
Her latest release is Out Now!
I Just Want To Have A Baby: A Guide for Your Emotional Well-Being on Your Journey From Fertility Despair to Fertility Freedom


We talk about all the latest trends and advice, to help you plan your perfect fertility diet.

Should I give up gluten for fertility? Can I lose weight for IVF on a raw vegan diet? Is caffeine dangerous when you’re pregnant? There are so many questions, and often an overload of advice when you’re trying to conceive.

We explore the issue of fertility nutrition from a scientific point of view, analysing and explaining the latest trends and advice.

Nutrition is so much more than food, and our scope includes supplements, ethics and sustainability too. Above all though, we are food lovers & we believe that eating well for conception, pregnancy and beyond can be an uplifting experience.

Our health journalists have a particular interest in the exciting new field of gut health and fertility.

The body’s invisible, living organism known as the microbiome can influence so many processes in the body, that it’s hardly a surprise to discover that it affects fertility too. We expect this area of study to become more important in the fight against both female and male infertility.
The recent discovery’s about the body’s “invisible organ” forms an integral part of our fertility health content.


The latest products, crazes, foods and advice, to help you to make the most of your fertility journey!

One of our favourite parts of bringing you daily fertility news, is experiencing all of the new products, media and modes of thinking that relate to fertility.

Need a gift for an IVF friend? We’ve got it covered. Want to know which exercise and mindfulness programme will help you on your journey? We’re constantly exploring and updating our database! Our fertility lifestyle portal is teaming with new trends and advice for everyone’s fertility journey.


Fertility issues can be hard on even the strongest relationships.

Realistic sex tips and expert relationship and intimacy advice – all with a fertility-flavoured feel!

Our unique fertility angle means our sex and relationship advice is tailored for couples who are trying to conceive. TTC shouldn’t mean boring or stressed-out. The fertility journey can be hard, but it also has the potential to bring couples closer together too.


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