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The Injustice of Infertility: A True Story of Heartbreak, Determination and Never-Ending Hope

Jennifer Robertson’s infertility nightmare ended when her sister-in-law offered to carry her baby, but plot twist – she got pregnant too!

We’ve got our hands on her book and an exclusive interview.

Best Fertility Now suggests looking into these great agencies and charities when doing your research on surrogacy

Go storky
Surrogacy network
Surrogacy Uk
Happy Beginnings
Circle surrogacy

Boy and girl holding a balck board sign saying worth the The fight  Injustice of Infertility: A True Story of Heartbreak, Determination and Never-Ending Hope


Fertility Fest founder Jessica Hepburn recounts her battle to become a parent


‘Baby Dreams’ author Louise Warneford shares insights from her 18 year battle

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Rebel Wilson is your PCOS BFF on Instagram

Rebel Wilson talks about the fertility challenges of PCOS it can make it difficult to get pregnant, Rebel has decided to put her eggs on ice.

Oscars 2021, fertility and primal femininity ruled, and we loved it!

Our website is supported by our users. We sometimes earn affiliate links when you click through the affiliate links on our website. See our full privacy policy & disclosure page for more infoThe Oscars 2021 had some powerful mother-goddess energy pulsing through...

A letter to my IVF friend, who thinks she’s not a warrior

Our website is supported by our users. We sometimes earn affiliate links when you click through the affiliate links on our website. See our full privacy policy & disclosure page for more infoMy IVF friend is the strongest woman I know - but she hates me pointing...

Vogue just made egg freezing the hottest trend of the summer

Our website is supported by our users. We sometimes earn affiliate links when you click through the affiliate links on our website. See our full privacy policy & disclosure page for more infoVogue is famous for its fashion spreads and high-profile cover stars, but...

The Storm Ahead – a letter to my 19 year old self about Endometriosis

For Endometriosis Awareness Month, Best Fertility Now's Endo columnist Emma Kemsley has penned this stunning, emotional letter to her 19 year old self. Dear 19 year old Emma, There is so much I wish I could tell you about life, especially life with endometriosis. If I...

The “Fertility Jigsaw” is a genius fertility hack

We all know we can’t exactly “hack” fertility. What we can do though, is start to take control of our fertility in a way that is relatively simple yet effective. The key is to realise that lots of small changes can add up to a really big change, and that you can apply...

Everything Meghan did to get pregnant at 39

The Duchess of Sussex is pregnant again, and we couldn’t be happier for her! After her devastating early pregnancy loss last year, the Princess bravely faced the world’s media with a thoughtful essay about her miscarriage. While a new pregnancy does not replace the...

Can a fertility app tell if you have COVID-19?

Thousands of women worldwide use fertility apps to figure out when they are fertile. Could these apps also help to control the spread of COVID-19? Natural Cycles is a popular app that uses information such as period dates and temperature readings. While there are many...

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Natalie Silverman

Our Agony Aunty Jo Sinclair interviewed the famous fertility podcaster, Natalie Silverman!

The Fertility Podcast is the UK’s longest-running podcast dedicated to reproductive health and listened to in over 100 countries and has had over half a million downloads to date. It is constantly ranked in the top 200 in the Apple Health Podcast charts.

You’ll want to grab a cuppa for this warm and fascinating discussion, between two powerhouse women with a passion for all things fertility.



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Just because she’s happy for your pregnancy news, that doesn’t mean she’s not sad about her own.
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Just because she’s happy for your pregnancy news, that doesn’t mean she’s not sad about her own.
2 days ago

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Does Clomid really make you moody?

Clomiphine citrate-induced mood swings - will your fertility drugs make you furiously angry or tearful? It depends on a few factors, such as how you react to hormonal drugs as an individual, how stressed you are, and whether you have a tendency towards depression or other mood disorders. The good news is that you can prepare for a possibly intense time with a few basic precautions.

In a large study, 41% of women experienced depressed mood and 45% experienced mood swings while taking Clomid. Over half of patients appear not to get significant emotional side effects.

Fertility treatment is stressful, so hopefully your loved ones & colleagues will be understand of this & treat your feelings with care at this time!

If you’re worried about the side effects of fertility drugs, it’s always best to speak to your doctor about it as soon as possible. Although many people like to keep their medical issues private, you may want to consider informing your work or certain family members, just so that they are in the loop with the challenges you are facing. Remind yourself that it’s temporary, and that a lot of people feel a bit fragile, down or snappy when they are going through fertility treatment.

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Are you ready for the end of lockdown? Are you ready for picnics, hugs and fairground rides, and taking taxis home from bars? Shopping in markets and stopping by to see friends? Museums, bookshops, cafes and gyms?
It’s been a very hard year, and women with fertility struggles have suffered in so many ways. Many of us have lost someone, some had treatment postponed & others suffered financial and mental health challenges. But we’re nearly there - the end of isolation. What are you looking forward to?

#endoflockdown #freedom #ivf #ivfjourney #ivfuk #ivfuk #ivffirsttimer #ttc #friendship #infertility #infertilitylookslike #infertilityawareness #fertility #fertilitynutrition #fertilityblogger #pcos #endometriosis #endometriosisawareness

@msjenniferrobertson Jennifer's infertility nightmare ended when her sister-in-law offered to carry her baby, but plot twist – she got pregnant too!

We’ve got our hands on her book and an exclusive interview See the full video exclusively on our website #linkinbio
Jennifer Robertson has a free video that you can watch to help find some peace on your fertility journey. You can find the link to everything in our bio.

Nail polish & IVF

Should you stop getting your nails done when you’re having IVF?

Some of the chemicals in nail polish have been found to disrupt fertility processes in the body. Some women stop using polish or switch to a safer brand when they are undergoing IVF, to help lighten the load of chemicals that could interfere with egg health.

Disruptive ingredients include:

Dibutyl phthalate (DBP)
Formaldehyde OR Formaldehyde resin

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Why you should document your fertility journey with an instant camera

Life is often fast and we document it just as quickly. We take pictures on our ‘phones and upload them instantly to social media - but some journeys deserve a slower and more tangible approach.

Trying for a baby - IVF or changing your diet, tracking your cycle: there’s nothing speedy about any of it! The process of trying to get pregnant seems to slow time down in a strange sort of way. Photographing your fertility journey with an instant camera can be way to focus and calm your anxieties. You don’t need to be amazing - just point it at things that matter.

Fertility treatment can feel invasive and overwhelming, but documenting things that are meaningful to you at this time can help you to feel more ownership of the process.

When we’re finally pregnant, we just can’t wait to meet the baby, and then life changes forever. You will forget what it was like to try, and wait, and try again all those long months. You’ll want to remember that feeling precisely, when you’re a long time in the future. You’ll want to tell your child exactly how hard you tried, and how much it meant to you. It’s a wonderful thing to hold a memory in your hand, especially if it’s of the most important thing you’ve ever done.

Just like our embryos, every instant photo is unique. You only get one of each individual photograph, and anything else is just a picture of the real deal. When you hold them, it’s like holding that split second in your hand. Although this time might feel like it’s going on forever, a photograph you can hold in your hands reminds you that life is constantly changing and moving, and that your future self will want to revisit this time - even if your current self can’t wait to leave it behind.

Introducing our specialist fertility book critic @fertilitybooks AKA Sheila Lamb! Her insightful commentary really brings these titles to life, and showcases all of the wonderful talent out there in the fertility world.

What’s it like to try for a baby over 40? Journalist and 40+ mother Bettina Gordon-Wayne @bettina.gordon
shares her natural fertility journey, with plenty of advice for wannabe older mums. You can find the link to this review on our link tree!

Brand New Episode of Baby SOS is live!
Watch it now exclusively on our website Link in Bio.
@jessica_foodie_fit tells us how she balances her diet to give her the best chance for success for their #IVFJourney. Will this lead to the success they are dreaming of?

Just a reminder that all of this #ttc and #ivf and #fertilityjourney stuff is about love!

The love you have for a child that hasn’t even been born yet. The love in the heart of a parent, for an #adoptedchild they haven’t even met yet. The love of a family member offering to be a #surrogate. The love of a partner supporting you though your #infertility just so they get to hang out with a tiny version of both of you! The love of your parents who desperately want to be grandparents. The love we will forever hold for our #pregnancyloss babies, and those born too soon to stay.

It’s all for love, every injection, every pill, every mood swing, every appointment, every piece of damned paperwork and every tear. It’s what life is all about.

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Jessica Megan
Is calling on all women and non-binary people to let the UK government know about their experiences within the healthcare system.
See her Instagram IGTV for more information
The link to the public consultation is below.

#womenshealth #womenshealthmatters #nonbinary #betterhealth #women #womensupportingwomen #womenpoweringwomen
#nhs #nhsstaff #fertility #ivf

Can meditation help you to get pregnant?

Let’s be honest - if meditation was guaranteed to get you pregnant, there would be no need for IVF!

However, your fertility is linked to your physical and mental health. Meditation can help to lower your stress levels, which in turn can positively affect your sleep, hormones and even your dietary choices. There’s no doubt that fertility struggles are stressful and meditation is a side-effect and chemical-free way to improve your stress levels. Meditation isn’t a magic wand - but it’s a healthy way to improve your mood & positively impact your body’s natural cycles.

#ivf #infertility #fertility #getpregnant #ttc #meditation #pcos #endo #endometriosis #ivfjourney #ivfuk #ivfpositivity #ivfcommunity #pcossupport #pcospregnancy #mindfulness #meditationfertility #meditationforwomen #fertilityhealth #fertilitydiet

Tonight at 17:15 UTC (USA 10:15 PDT / 13:15 EDT
AUS 03:15 AEST / UK 18:15 BST)
Our very own fertility expert Jo Sinclair @resilience.reborn.fertility with Paula @nurturedmunchkin A midwife and expert in maternal mental health.
Join in and ask us anything. Let’s #talkmentalhealth
See you there! Live Tonight!
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Is it time to stop being so nice about your fertility issues? Do you find yourself feeling embarrassed or uncomfortable, while tolerating thoughtless or judgemental comments and attitudes about your situation?

Most people don’t intend to be hurtful, but sometimes those irritating & thoughtless phrases can just slip right out! Suggesting adoption to someone going through IVF, or saying “Well, maybe you’re just not meant to have kids.”
Just isn’t helpful or kind. How can you tackle this without being rude yourself?

Here are some handy phrases, if you’re tired of simply sucking it up:

“That’s not helpful to me. Telling me to adopt doesn’t solve my problem.”

“I already feel bad about this. How about a little support instead of judgement?”

“I can see that you don’t really get how this affects me. That’s OK, but I just wish you could understand.”

“I’m deeply upset about this, even if I don’t show it. It’s hard to hear things like that from a friend.”

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What if I never get pregnant? What if it doesn’t work? What if he leaves me for someone who can have babies? What if I’m too old? If I don’t produce enough eggs? If I run out of money? If I lose the pregnancy?

Nobody is guaranteed a shot at being a parent, even if it seems unfairly easy for some people. Fertility struggles can require faith as well as science, patience as well as excitement, and endings as well as beginnings. Every single person who undergoes fertility treatment risks failure as well as chancing success - but they follow their dream anyway.

“Fear kills more dreams than failure ever will” - Suzy Kassem.

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Fertility and sleep!

This is a huge subject with a lot of compelling research.

Basically though, sleep is very important & affects the fertility of both women and men. Sleep is essential for the proper functioning of the circadian rhythm, which is an important cycle of the body that affects fertility in ways that we understand with the help of research - and ways that we do not quite understand yet.

The bottom line is - it’s important to get enough good quality sleep when you are trying for a baby the old-fashioned way, or undergoing IVF or IUI. Not only is sleep essential for physical & mental health, it can affect reproductive health and the menstrual cycle too.

Avoiding the light of smartphones & tablets after you go to bed may improve your chances of conception according to some research, and choosing gentle, safe, sleep-promoting drinks such as chamomile tea and milky beverages may help you to drift off to dreamland & improve your chances of conception. It’s wise to see your doctor if you are having trouble sleeping consistently.

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Fertility, food and mental health:
We all know it’s important to eat well when you’re trying for a baby, but what about nutrition for your mental health too? Here are some tips to help nourish both your body and mind in the same bite!

Whole foods are better in all ways than processed foods - but scientists now believe that our gut bacteria may have a huge effect on our moods and fertility. Keeping your internal bacteria happy with fruit, veg, healthy fats and whole grains looks to be even more important than we thought.

Nuts and seeds are foods with many proven benefits to both fertility and feelings! Pumpkin and squash seeds are a great way to increase tryptophan. Tryptophan is an essential amino acid that helps create serotonin - the chemical responsible for happy and positive feelings in the brain.

While most people know about the Omega-3 fatty acids found in seafood, fish can contain high levels of mercury. Chia seeds, walnuts and DHA-rich algae oil capsules can all help to up your intake.

Omega-3 fats are important in brain health and may also be involved in the functioning of serotonin, a neurotransmitter important in the regulation of mood. This vital nutrient is also hugely important for egg health and pregnancy.

Vitamin D deficiency can lower your mood as well as your fertility. A supplement is the best way to quickly top your levels, but certain mushrooms can also help you take in more of the “sunshine vitamin”.

What are your favourite fertility foods?

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Oh my Goddess! Oscars 2021 had some serious mother-goddess, primal feminine energy running through it. Brand new article on our website right now!

Which heavily photographed actress undergoes a fertility journey in her upcoming role? How often do you see a pregnant director scooping an award? Which heavily nominated & winning female creatives are adoptive moms too? And how did Frances McDormond’s powerful she-wolf howl tap into a long tradition of female grief?

Photo by Chris Pizzello-Pool/Getty Images

#oscars #oscars2021 #hollywoodmom #feminism #empowered #fertility #mothergoddess #zendaya #pregnantdirector #empoweredwomen #oscarwinner #womeninhollywood #womeninspiringwomen #womeninmovies #womendirectors #womendirectorsrock #fertilityjourney #adoptivemom #motherhood

Endometriosis surgeon, Mr Mohamed Mabrouk, an internationally recognised specialist Spire Healthcare, met columnist Emma Kemsley to urge people to learn more about the condition. Watch the Full Video on our home page.

#ttc #endowarrior #endometriosis #endometriosisawareness #fertility #infertility #infertilityawareness #infertilityjourney #endosisters #surgeon #endo

Can sunlight improve fertility?
Some studies suggest that it can!

“Exposure to sunlight can boost the likelihood of a woman having a baby much as a third, according to scientists.” - The Independent, @kashmiragander

Fertility isn’t binary - we don’t have an on/off switch when it comes to our ability to get pregnant. Regular exposure to sunlight bestows multiple benefits, including increased vitamin D, improved mood and better regulation of the circadian rhythm & sleep cycles. All of these functions can help towards supporting fertility, as well as being beneficial for our physical and mental health.

The sunshine is coming! Remember to protect your skin with appropriate sunscreen, and cover up with hats and clothing to avoid over-exposure.

Different skin tones have varying tolerance to sunlight, so check with your doctor or a reliable medical source before exposing unprotected skin to sunlight.

#sunshine #sunhealing #sunhealth #vitamind #fertility #fertilitytips #ivf #ttc #ivfover40 #infertilityawarenessweek #tryingforababy #ttc #getpregnant #getpregnantsooner #ttctribe #ivftribe #ivfjourney

Accounts to follow for miscarriage, stillbirth, termination for medical reasons and infant loss support, resources & perspectives. Please add your own suggestions below.

@sandscharity - supporting bereaved parents
@miscarriageassociation - baby loss support
@ihadamiscarriage - psychologist and activist
@achingarmsuk - charity providing comfort bears for bereaved parents
@chrissyteigen - celebrity who writes candidly about stillbirth
@kicks.count - charity raising awareness of baby movement
@lullabytrust - support for bereaved parents & SIDS prevention
@childbereavementuk - support for grieving families
@henryshopecharity - bereavement support for parents in South Yorkshire
@cherishedgownsuk - repurposing wedding gowns into beautiful clothes for babies born too soon

#stillborn #stillbirth #stillbornstillloved #stillbornsupport #miscarriage #miscarriageawareness #miscarriagesupport #bereavement #bereavementsupport #infantloss #infantlossawareness #infantlossjourney #infantlosscommunity #medicaltermination #charity

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