Fertility Media

As journalists and content creators, we’re always striving to produce the most innovate, entertaining and educational content. We produce our own reality TV Webisodes, and publish investigative journalism, creative writing, collaborations and even spoken word pieces alongside our more conventional fertility content.


What’s it like to be a gay dad with a baby arriving via surrogacy? How does it feel to have one IVF cycle after another? And what happens when a man’s world falls apart after a devastating diagnosis? Our Baby SOS participants are 100% raw and real, and we take you on their personal journeys towards parenthood.


Our hand-picked columnists give us a regular and personal insight into the fertility world

Why use columnists? We’re committed to bringing our readers raw and engaging fertility content, that is as entertaining as it is educational. We balance our polished journalism with compelling real-life content from passionate bloggers, writers and influencers who have experienced their own – often dramatic, fertility journey.

Our columns have been shared around the world, inspiring readers to take more control of their fertility journey, and to feel more confident in the informed choices that they make.


Our latest and ongoing media projects and collaborations with the fertility world

Our media projects and collaborations form a core part of our approach to fertility content. We believe that the future of fertility content is complex, interactive, nuanced and creative, and we are constantly innovating new ways to produce and present creative fertility content.

We have collaborated with poets, creative writers and members of the public with extraordinary stories to tell. We’re interacting with the fertility community with memes, humour, controversial talking points and new ways of answering familiar questions.


Curating and reviewing the fertility world’s podcasts and books, so that you can discover fresh voices!

Influencers and articles may change daily, but books and podcasts offer a deeper fertility experience. We curate and review both seasoned and up-and-coming authors and podcasters.

We review media through the lense of a fertility journey, so that you can be confident that the content is relevant to you.


Our ever-growing library of educational videos on all kinds of fertility topics. We cover medical procedures, mental and physical health, and various types of fertility journey


Hand-picked supplements, cosmetics, books and gifts to support the fertility journey