The Little Black Book of Best Surrogacy Agencies

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In our little black book we list the SURROGACY support agencies which are centres of excellence. All these come to us through personal recommendation.

Circle Surrogacy, USA & UK

Offices in: London, Boston, Washington, California, New York



Telephone +1 (617) 439-9900

Take a look at Mr McScrumptous aka Fred. He’s the brother of Georgiana and Sebastian, the children of Brett Griffin Young, the Head of International Client Services for the American agency ‘Circle Surrogacy’.  

As he is based in the UK, one of our team were lucky enough to work with him while creating their family in the USA and can’t recommend him highly enough:

“Brett and his team are the leading surrogacy provider in the UK & USA. They made the whole process of surrogacy stress free and fun. He’s become one of the family and made our lives complete.  We felt supported and safe every step of the way”.

With over 25 years of surrogacy agency experience and more than 2,500 babies born they’ve changed countless lives. Their 99.3% success rate for bringing a baby home, mean we’re proud to add this agency to our little black book listing.  Highly recommended for quality of service and exceptional legal advice.

Brett Griffin Young with Fred

Circle Surrogacy logo
Circle Surrogacy
5 Star Rating

Happy Beginnings

based in Illinois, USA



Telephone: Toll Free  +1 888 9436667
Main Office:  +1 815-839-1101

One of our team had success with this agency for surrogacy and found them to be friendly, cost effective, and trustworthy.

They coordinate everything from start to finish to make the journey as stress-free as possible for everyone involved.

Because they are based in Ilinois the legal process is simple as the law allows the surrogate to sign the baby over to the intended parents as soon as a heartbeat is confirmed.

During Covid lockdown the owner Jamie Smith even stepped in and looked after a new born baby until the parents could pick it up. Highly recommended for value for money and care.

5 Star Rating

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