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Little Black Book of Clinics
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In our Little Black Book we list the clinics which are centres of excellence and have close to an 80% success rate. All these come to us through personal recommendation.

But choosing a clinic is not just about success rates, so we’ve given ours a 5 star rating which covers success,  compassionate staff, price and affordability, emotional support and good administration

Tambre Clinic, Madrid

Tambre Clinic

based in Madrid, Spain

Email:               uk@clinicatambre.com
Website:         https://clinicatambre.co.uk
Telephone      +44 (0) 20 38 688 650

With PGS testing and egg donation Tambre achieves an 83 per cent success rate.  Without egg donation it drops to 67 %.

We have filmed the IVF journey of one of their clients Kirstie & Chris from Belfast in Northern Ireland who had successful treatment with egg donation, and can confirm that this clinic is one of the good guys.

Here is the short film of their full IVF journey. We follow three other people in the section IVF journeys.

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5 Star Rating

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If you know a clinic which meets these criteria or you have a clinic and want to be considered please email us: info@bestfertility-now.com



Medimall Clinic

based in Athens, Greece

Email:               info@medimall.gr
Website:          https://medimall.gr/medimall-team/
Telephone:    + 44 (0) 74 2375 5577

Medimall IVF Clinic is well known for its consistently high success rates exceeding 70% for some patient groups, especially through their egg donation program.

Their 52-year-old age limit for IVF transfers make it a very attractive option for older couples.

They offer a 100% money-back guarantee programme which covers up to 3 IVF attempts, but if you are over 38 you will only qualify if you use egg donation.

The medical team come to London every month so you can arrange to meet them in person with no commitment. The dates are on their website.

5 Star Rating
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