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IVF & Endometriosis

Emma Vs Endo – IVF & Endometriosis

Will IVF work if you have endometriosis? Columnist Emma Kemsley investigates how endometriosis impacts the success of IVF. Can you get pregnant with IVF if you...

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From adoption to surrogacy, endometriosis to egg donation –  our exclusive video collection gets right to the heart of fertility issues

If you’ve ever wondered whether it’s possible to get pregnant with stage 4 endometriosis, or you’re curious to learn how LGBTQ surrogacy works, our videos can show you the practical and emotional stages of each journey.

We cover everything related to fertility with our growing video libraryMale infertility, reciprocal surrogacy and sperm donation, adoption, fitness for fertility, IVF, fertility doctor interviews and nutrition 


We’re committed to bringing our readers raw and engaging fertility content, that is as entertaining as it is educational. We cover real-life stories from passionate bloggers, writers and influencers who have experienced their own – often dramatic, fertility journey.



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Discover which celebrities are having IVF, who is  pregnant, and which high-profile stars are struggling with fertility issues today


Fertility is a global issue. Is the birth rate booming or going bust? Why are so many people struggling to get pregnant? How does politics influence fertility? How do other countries handle IVF?

Our journalists handpick the important conversations, to help you to stay ahead of the important fertility issues. 



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Find out what chemicals are harmful for fertility. We chat to Jenna Hua, founder of Million Marker, to learn more about toxins in everyday products that can potentially affect your fertility. ...

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Everyday products can affect our health and fertility outcomes.
Please join us to learn more about which products to avoid and which are good for you.
Remember it’s important to be careful during a pregnancy just as much as it is in the run up to a fertility journey.
With Christmas coming we’re hoping to give you some useful tips on gifts for friends.


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Documentary film maker Simon Reeve has been talking about his struggle to have children.
In the article in the Daily Mail he describes how he and his wife Anya always thought it would happen naturally and they spent a year and a half trying before deciding to get expert help.
Then he was told the stark news that he was basically infertile:
“Your sperm are deformed and will never be able to break into Anya’s eggs”.
Fortunately they proved the experts wrong and with the help of a change in diet and lifestyle are the proud parents to Jake, now aged ten.

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How do you recover from repeated IVF failures?Jessica Hepburn used her sadness to inspire her to do amazing things, from swimming the English Channel to climbing Mount Everest.
Watch our inspiring interview: ‘Climbing Mount Everest’.
Here’s the link to our you tube. It’s also on the homepage of our website.


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Do you constantly find you’re telling people you’re OK when you’re anything but?
Remember you’re not alone…
Sending love to you if you’re on a fertility journey and feeling any of these emotions.

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Male infertility Awareness. Great chat with @themaleinfertilitypodcast what a lovely guy!
Shared our personal fertility journeys and we spoke about his amazing podcast.
Feel free to reach out to us both and make sure you find the time to listen to his podcast 💙💪🏼

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Catch our LIVE TONIGHT @ 8pm

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Happy Halloween 👻 ...

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Hand-picked supplements, cosmetics, books and gifts to support the fertility journey

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