Congratulations if you have an IVF or IUI daughter! She’s part of an inspiring generation of young people, whose amazing contribution to the world is only possible because their parents were so very determined to have them. 

We are celebrating all IVF and IUI daughters (we will talk about sons too in another post), because some of the most influential young women around right now are grown-up IVF and IUI babies. Of course, all children have great potential and IVF and IUI babies aren’t different – it just took a lot of extra effort to bring them into the world. We’re just saying – we’re awfully glad that you did!

Is Billie Eilish an IVF baby?

The teenage pop sensation found out on the Howard Stern show – along with the rest of us, that she was an IVF baby! Whether you’re a fan of her music or not, her unique way of dealing with fame has taught a whole generation of young people that it’s creativity and talent, not body shape or pandering to trends, that really counts. 


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While us older folks might not understand her appeal, her influence upon a whole generation of girls (and boys too) is undeniable. Thanks to IVF, a whole generation of girls can grow up feeling confident in their style, musical and creative choices, instead of pandering to fickle pop trends.

Did Michelle Obama have fertility treatment?

The daughters of former president Barack Obama and his wife Michelle are both IVF babies too. Michelle has spoken about her fertility struggles at length, and revealed that both of her daughters were conceived by IVF. While both young women tend to stay out of the spotlight, press reports indicate that they each have a lot to give the world.

Malia Obama has entered the world of showbiz – not as an influencer or presenter, but as a writer. After several high-profile internships, she landed a job in award-winning actor and director Donald Glover’s writing room. With her unique upbringing in the White House and Donald Glover’s bold treatment of political issues in the USA, we’re looking forward to Malia’s contributions to screenwriting.


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Younger sister Sasha Obama is a little less high profile, and her career path isn’t clear to the public yet – but it’s clear that both former first daughters are well-educated, well-mannered, and have the world at their feet. Sasha is a wonderful role model for young women, balancing normal fun on Tiktok and at festivals, with the responsibilities of being a high-profile daughter. 

Regular IVF and IUI daughters are making their own contribution to the world

From creatives and role-models to scientists – our IVF and IUI daughters are all making their mark in an ever-changing world, where women’s roles and expectations are more fluid than ever. Diane Savage, a speech-language pathologist from Ontario, conceived two of her three children with IUI. Her youngest child Meghan is currently finishing a Masters in environmental science. Diane is “Happy that they are finding their own paths to happiness. Just regular kids that I love to bits.”

Andrea from Manchester, who conceived her daughter with donor eggs via IVF 21 years ago, has just become a grandmother. 

“My relationship with my daughter is the most important thing in my life. I’m so excited to be a grandmother. She studied for her nursing exams all the way through pregnancy. She will make a difference to the world, just by being herself.

We couldn’t have said it better Andrea and Diane! Our army of IVF and IUI daughters are making a difference to the world, just by being themselves. We’re so thankful we were able to meet them – and we simply can’t imagine the world without them.

Do you have a daughter by IVF or IUI? We’d love to hear about it! Share your experiences below or on our Facebook & Instagram pages!


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