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We’re documenting the fascinating fertility journeys of several real-life families. We’re bringing cameras into some of the most intimate experiences of becoming a parent, to help all potential parents to explore their choices, feelings and decisions. Imagine an adult show-and-tell, where real people tell you exactly what’s on their mind and show you how they’re coping, as they go through some of the most difficult & rewarding experiences of becoming a parent.

1 in 7 couples experiences the pain of infertility, and some families such as LGBTQ couples, must use less traditional ways to start a family. It’s all a bit overwhelming at first, so we’ve created these videos to show that you’re not alone, and that it’s possible to survive and thrive on the fertility journey.

Breaking taboos

Finding it hard to talk about your fertility issues? Wouldn’t it be great to see ordinary people being totally open and honest about their issues?

Feeling down or hopeless? It really helps to see the fertility rollercoaster played out to its conclusion. This journey is so much easier when you know you’re not the only one.

Finding it hard to broach the subject of adoption or surrogacy with your partner? It’s a lot easier to talk about tricky subjects when you can watch an entertaining, engaging & real-life video series about it.

An answer to isolation

One of the major issues that people on their fertility journey report, is feeling unsure, uncertain and alone on their journey. This feeling is intensifed due to COVID-19 restrictions, which prevent potential parents from meeting other families going through the same journey.

Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok are valuable platforms for fertility communities, but as we all know, social media only ever gives a two-dimensional view. Video completes this picture, by giving a sense of what people are really thinking and feeling.

Our sincere thanks to all of the amazing families and individuals, who have allowed us into their lives and fertility journeys!


Congratulations lads!

Our adorable young couple Harvey & Adam have welcomed their baby boy into the world! He’s very healthy, utterly snuggly, and they are madly in love with their beautiful baby. Photos to follow!

Harvey & Adam’s dreams came true because of surrogacy. Curious? We documented their journey!

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Harvey & Adam

This adorable young couple from Leeds have quite a story to tell. They decided that they wanted to be parents, and then they made it happen – with a little help from their freinds!

We have followed their surrogacy story from pregnancy, right up to their anxious wait outside the hopsital during the height of COVID-19 restrictions in early 2021. You’ll love Harvey & Adam, and their inspiring surrogacy story.


Episode 1

It has been a joy to follow the lives of two such sweet and generous people.  In this first episode we meet the boys, and learn how they met and their motivation behind becoming parents.


Episode 2

Harvey and Adam talk about their surrogate and their hopes and fears for the pregnancy.


Episode 3

Harvey and Adam open up and describe the legal side of their surrogacy journey, which has been done privately without the aid of a lawyer or agency.


Episode 4

Nearing the end of their surrogacy journey, Harvey & Adam discuss their hopes and fears for the impending birth.
A doula arrives to give them some helpful tips for looking after their new baby.

Jessica Lester holding a pink much giving a peace sign baby sos

Jessica Lester

Anyone who has undergone IVF once, knows that it’s an extremely challenging process. Jessica has had 5 cycles of IVF, they all failed, and now time is ticking away for her during the pandemic. In her early 40’s, Jessica is a fitness lover and foodie, and she’s positive, upbeat and incredibly strong – but can she cope with the uncertainty of IVF during lockdown? When will the Spanish government allow her into the country for her 6th and final round of IVF? We follow Jessica’s amazing and emotional journey.


5 IVF Cycles and counting

Episode 1

Despite endometriosis and a colostomy bag, Jessica Lester is getting fit for fertility, determined to have a baby. In the first of our reality TV series we meet her and her partner Ian. She is preparing to fly to Spain from the UK to have IVF. What can she do to increase her chances…. Find out here!

5 IVF Cycles and counting

Episode 2

In this series we follow Jessica and Ian as they battle to have a baby through IVF by flying from the UK to a clinic in Alicante, Spain. Emotions run high after an IVF transfer fails.



Endometriosis Discovered

Episode 3

In episode 3 of Jessica Lesters’ BABY SOS fertility journey, we discover the emotional reasons behind her decision to quit having IVF treatment in the UK and go abroad to Alicante, Spain. Once there she is given the shocking and life changing news that she has endometriosis.




Episode 4

Despite having endometriosis, Jessica Lester is hopeful her next round of IVF in Spain will work. But doctors are shocked to discover her UK hospital failed to tell her she also suffers from Adenomyosis – a condition which thickens the uterus wall. How will Jessica & Ian cope with this latest diagnosis? Will this setback finally make them give up?


Episode 5

In this episode, Jessica Lester lets down her guard, showing just how tough it is facing her fifth round of IVF in Spain. The emotions she’s going through start to take their toll.

Fertility Journey
Fitness & Nutrition Tips

Episode 6

In this episode, Jessica Lester and her partner Ian Peacock show us how they are improving their health and fitness on their IVF journey. Jessica makes gluten-free brownies and tells us how she balances her diet to give her the best chance for success for their IVF Journey. Will this lead to the success they are dreaming of?

Kevin The man cave baby sos

Kevin from The Man Cave

Kevin was diagnosed infertile 8 years ago, and struggled to cope with the impact of infertily. He’s now thriving with his new partner, and has set up a website to help men cope with the grief and stigma of male infertility.

Kevin’s down to earth approach has inspired many men to open up about their infertilty struggles. He now works as an ambassador for the Fertility Network, supporting infertile men.

Inspiring men on fertility journeys

Episode 1

Kevin speaks from the heart about his struggle with infertility. He describes how he hit rock bottom and turned to drink and drugs to cope. Happily his life took a more positive turn, and he now supports other men with their own infertility issues. Part of our baby sos.

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