Fertility Lube? What is it good for?

Obviously, it’s a great idea to have a lot of sex if you’re trying to get pregnant.
It doesn’t really matter what type of sex you have, as long as the sperm ends up somewhere near the cervix.
You can be side by side in an organic yurt listening to whalesong, or hanging from a chandelier dressed as a gimp – both scenarios could result in pregnancy. It’s not exactly rocket science, but all the bumping and grinding that some couples do still doesn’t guarantee conception.

A good lube, a good time

It’s estimated that more than half of women use lubricant during sex, and yes, this can impact your chances of getting pregnant. Your body’s own natural lubricant becomes much thinner and lighter around ovulation because that makes it easier for the sperm to travel. Some lubes are better for sperm, and some have been shown to have a negative impact on the movement of sperm. 

Another thing to consider is that lubricants that mimic the natural PH of the vagina can help you avoid conditions like bacterial vaginosis. If you’re having a lot of sex because you want to conceive, then it makes sense to keep your vagina healthy with a PH balanced lube.

Pro Fertility Lube!

There are many pro-fertility lubes on the market, and each couple has their favourite. Some are simply formulated to avoid fertility issues that can occur with conventional lubrication.
An easy way to understand the difference between lubes purely created for fun, and conception-friendly formulations, is to imagine trying to swim across a pool.
It’s easier to swim in water than it is to swim in maple syrup! Sperm are very similar, and the right lube can help them to be more efficient.

Some formulations are very simple, with minimal ingredients. Others contain added ingredients believed to help support sperm in other ways.
The most important thing is though, is that fertility-friendly lube should mimic the natural fluids that would normally help the sperm to travel to the cervix. It’s not necessary to go for the most complex formula unless that happens to suit you both as a couple.
Sperm are generally very keen to get to their destination, and a conception-friendly lube can provide just the boost they need to make it to the egg.