Vogue is famous for its fashion spreads and high-profile cover stars, but it’s also ahead of the curve when it comes to women’s issues. Editor Edward Enninful has introduced a more diverse palette of famous and fashionable faces and influences, as well as adding an activist flavour to update the revered publication. April’s edition, which comes in a choice of four colourful covers, also features the headline “MOTHERHOOD ON ICE. EGG FREEZING IN YOUR TWENTIES”. It’s official. Egg freezing is cool. 

Egg freezing is something we never used to talk about. Our own columnist Emma Kemsley made waves around the world with an open letter, in which she talks about wishing she had frozen her eggs when she was younger. Older celebrities have been vocal about putting their ovary contents on ice for a while, but it’s increasingly younger women who are seeking to preserve their fertility. This coincides with greater visibility for endometriosis sufferers, who are using the internet for support and advice and to help them get a diagnosis. Endo is notoriously under-diagnosed, and in some cases, sufferers have waited more than eight years for a diagnosis. Other reasons for 20-somethings to look at fertility preservation include career ambition, and the declining fertility rates worldwide. 

Vogue has covered the phenomenon of egg-freezing in women in their mid-twenties with an enthusiastic, fully illustrated four-page spread. Author Sirin Kale explores the medical and social influences at play, talks to doctors and patients, including one of the pioneers of IVF Professor Simon Fishel, and explains the limitations of the treatment. We’ve passed the article around our office several times, and we’re all impressed with the depth of detail. 

Ultimately, of course, it’s Vogue’s standard message – that spending thousands of pounds is empowering for women. This time though, it’s slightly more life-changing than the traditional Vogue fare. Whether the latest trend is a padded Prada headband or the power to safeguard your reproductive health, Vogue always manages to nail it. Freezing your eggs is officially the hottest trend of the post-pandemic summer.