There are many ways to try to improve your chances of conception, and alternative therapies are very popular.  Spend a bit of time in any fertility group or forum, and people will inevitably start discussing their acupuncture experience, and how they feel it helped with their fertility journey. Most of these treatments require a visit to a treatment room or a home visit. But what if you could take ancient wisdom from an expert and apply it…virtually? 

Acupuncturists are finding innovative ways to assist clients with their fertility issues, despite restrictions and social distancing. We spoke to a modern acupuncture expert Chantal Nogbou, who specialises in fertility and offers a guided DIY solution to current restrictions.

The ear seeds look a little bit strange – what are they?

As an acupuncturist, our pins are our main tool alongside moxa and cupping. We can also provide an amazing self-care tool for in-between acupuncture sessions or as a stand-alone treatment, using Ear seeds or magnets.

You might have seen people in the past with little plasters in their ears or things that look like small piercings, and wondered what on earth it was. Maybe you didn’t want to ask! Let me tell you more about it – you might want some too.

Your whole body is mapped on your ears, so you can use acupressure points on the ear to treat the body. This is an auricular mini system to work on your whole body. Amazing isn’t it? 

By stimulating some of these points you are kick-starting the body’s own healing mechanism.

What exactly are ear seeds?

Ear seeds are usually a small Vaccaria Seed on a small plaster-like patch. A few times a day press the point gets the Qi going. You can keep them on for a day or 3 and replace them with new ones. 

Are they easy to apply?

You will need tweezers to apply and if you have someone to help you place them even better. You apply the same points on both ears.

Can I use them while I’m having IVF?

Using ear seeds when used during your IVF cycle can help to control stress, lower your anxiety levels and play an important role in regulating your ovary function, as well as ovulation and follicle growth.

To achieve this I would recommend using My Fertility Protocol and use ear seeds on the following points: Liver, Spleen, Uterus, Kidney and the Endocrine system.

There are acupuncture specialists in every area, so a quick search should reveal some results on your doorstep or in your nearest big town or city.

Can I do this with pandemic restrictions?

It’s possible to have a virtual consultation and to apply the ear seeds yourself. This makes it a very safe and socially distanced treatment, while we’re under the current restrictions.

Can you help me with this?

If you would love some help with this, I offer virtual Earseed consultations, where I send you all you need in advance. I then talk you through how to use them and where to place them.

Chantal Nogbou is a Leeds based mobile acupuncturist at Dragonfly Acupuncture Leeds and has been supporting many on their journey to parenthood since 2012, also offering the Freedom Fertility Formula and Hara Abdominal Massage.