Podcast review – Making Babies with Andrea Byrne

As you’d expect from a professional broadcaster, Andrea Byrne’s cheekily named podcast “Making Babies” is lively and on-point. There’s a genuine warmth to the interactions between Andrea and her guests, and it’s possible to close your eyes for a second and imagine that Andrea and male infertility campaigner Kevin Button are sitting at your kitchen table as the banter bounces between them. The balance between quality content, and the relatable feeling that she’s crossing her fingers like the rest of us, and hoping that the Broadband doesn’t clap out during the Zoom, or her husband hasn’t wandered off to make a cup of tea when he’s supposed to jumping in on the call, makes for a truly enjoyable listen. 

The stories are familiar – the pain and grief of infertility, the joy of a positive pregnancy test, relationships breaking up or staying strong. It’s like slipping into a warm bath with a well-loved book, as Andrea expertly opens the floor for her guests to tell their stories. You end up rooting for them, as well as sometimes reevaluating your own situations in light of new information or a fresh perspective.

There’s very little that’s new in the familiar story of infertility struggles and how they affect individuals and families. This podcast isn’t trying to push boundaries or change the world, and there’s no real need to reinvent the wheel here. It’s extremely comforting and cathartic to immerse yourself in a podcast where your specific struggles are honoured and respectfully examined. 

You’d be forgiven for avoiding a podcast like this if you’re feeling particularly sensitive, but it’s actually uplifting and life-affirming to connect with these stories. Whether you’re brand new to your infertility journey or you’re feeling a little weary of it all, Making Babies is a highly recommended listen.

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