The Egg Whisperer Show available as a podcast and via YouTubeis hosted by Dr. Aimee Eyvazzadeh who provides a warm, authentic resource for people who are on their fertility journey. Episodes run for about an hour, but shorter bite-sized segments run between episodes covering some specific subjects, allowing for a completely personalised listening experience. The show follows a question and answer format with some guest interviewees that have a range of expertise and personal experiences in the world of fertility.

The show is an reliable source of information as Dr. Aimee has been a significant player in the popularisation of egg freezing. Although Dr. Aimee frequently offers her own personal insights and those of her guests, she is a trustworthy source, communicating clearly her intention to support and scaffold her listeners about how to approach their own medical professionals and services; Dr. Aimee reminds us that: “the questions and answers I’m giving you guys are not in place of great advice from your own personal physician… I’m just giving you some questions to ask your doctor, so you feel a little bit more empowered”).

Running from 2017, Dr. Aimee and The Egg Whisperer Show have provided a trustworthy and responsible source of information about fertility issues, including when to seek personalised expert help, mental health, and a wide range of fertility treatments. This is an engaging series, easy to listen to, with Dr. Aimee’s no-nonsense warm and honest delivery.

Dr. Aimee’s mission is successful in educating and empowering the fertility community and anyone interested in learning something new – and is definitely worth taking the time to listen to, whether you have an hour or just ten minutes.

4 stars out of 5