After watching his wife go through 12 failed IVF cycles, Jan Choma was stunned that modern technology wasn’t being used more effectively to improve the fertility journey, so he was inspired to develop ‘Leeaf’, a ground breaking new mobile app.

We were excited to meet him at the fertility show in London. 

Here is his story…

The aim of the Leeaf mobile app is to increase IVF success rates by using modern technology to gather as much information about your journey in one place.  The idea is that you and your doctor can access and learn from it.

Jan Choma and his wife went through numerous IVF cycles before successfully conceiving their son, Oliver. 

He was stunned by how difficult it was to find the right treatment plan considering how much modern technology is readily available:

“Over the course of 21 months, I watched my wife go through twelve failed IVF cycles. I lived through every moment of that journey with her and shared the deep sorrow she felt after each unsuccessful cycle.”

Inspired to stop it happening to other women he used his technological expertise to create a hub with the view that knowledge is power:

“It is in effect a data storage which is easily accessible anywhere, anytime”. 

The app guides users through treatment protocols, all while providing them with personalized support and access to the information they need exactly when they need it.

Doctors have a specific section – a state-of-the-art digital portal that also contributes to holistic decision making, by taking into consideration any available patient health, lifestyle, and fertility information and creating a 360-degree picture of the patient’s fertility health status.

Leeaf also compares patient profiles across clinics and countries, allowing them to deliver their truly personalised treatment recommendations based on big data analysis and artificial intelligence. 

Olga, Co-CEO of Leeaf says:

“We want to disrupt existing patterns in female health care and contribute to a future where women benefit from a much more personalized medical approach tailored to their individual needs”.

Olag now has a two year old son thanks to her own fertility journey:

“I was told at only 25 years old that there is a big chance that I would not be able to have children of my own. I immediately underwent fertility treatment and egg freezing, because I simply did not want to take the risk.” 

The ultimate goal for Leeaf is to enable any couple needing IVF to conceive within two cycles or less.