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The M Factor provides information and resources for men, to enable them to reach their fertility goals.

We focus on physical and mental health, nutrition and scientific knowledge.

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Kevin Button – The Man Cave

The Man Cave

“It is estimated that infertility affects 8–12% of couples globally, with a male factor being a primary or contributing cause in approximately 50% of couples.” (The Lancet)

The Man Cave is an organisation for men with fertility issues. Founder Kevin Button is working with Best Fertility Now, to provide resources and support to men who are facing fertility challenges.

The Man Cave focuses on men’s mental health and aftercare when they are going through infertility diagnosis and treatment. The organisation provides information aimed at all men, to help them to understand the challenges facing men with infertility. 

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Male Factor Fertility Issues

Male infertility is rising, and it’s vital that men are empowered to take control of their fertility.

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bule back ground white sperm cell swimming towards an egg, words in white read: sperm myths busted, ho misinformed are you?

Sperm myths busted! How misinformed are you?

By Kudakwashe Phiri There are a lot of myths about men’s fertility, especially around sperm and the male reproductive system. We’re going to bust some …

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man laying on the ground looking stressed, dear jo Male fertility

It’s only a small prick! Acupuncture for male fertility

Wondering if acupuncture can help with sperm quality? We spoke to acupuncture expert Chantal Nogbou from Leeds, who specialises in fertility. Is acupuncture a popular …

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4 lads sad on a moutainside, backs to the camera, illustratingsperm quality

Do we know why global sperm quality is dropping?

It sounds like the plot of a dystopian novel, but it’s been documented for 40 years. Men’s sperm count is dropping off a cliff, and …

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green leaves surrounding clear lube bottle fertility lube best fertility now article

What is fertility lube and do you need it?

Fertility Lube? What is it good for? Obviously, it’s a great idea to have a lot of sex if you’re trying to get pregnant. It …

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iphone on a dark wood background, illustrating the article is smartphone use killing their sperm

Are men’s smartphones killing their sperm?

Declining sperm quality is a worldwide issue, and evening screen time might be making the problem worse. A new study appears to link smartphone and …

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Eat walnuts if you want to be a Dad

Aside from salted peanuts, most men in the UK don’t eat nuts regularly, and adding them to the diet could improve male fertility levels.  Several …

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Can Neanderthal DNA make you more fertile?

By Kudakwashe Phiri The word Neanderthal conjures up imagery of simple, primitive, and prehistoric beings from a distant, almost unimaginable past. Contrary to popular belief, …

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A father holds his baby male infertility

The test that could revolutionise male infertility

Can a new type of fertility test help to dispel some of the mystery around male infertility?  Around half of infertility issues are due to …

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The Mancave Manual

“This Mancave Manual will give you the tips I’ve learned from my journey, telling you everything you need to know about making it a little easier.
You’ve now got people on your side, so you’re not alone.”

(Kevin Button)

It is the ultimate guide for any man who wants to take action to safeguard and improve his fertility. 

The Man Cave Manual



A diagnosis of azoospermia can be overwhelming. It can feel like the journey to being a father is over, and men may wonder how to break it to their partner. How can a couple get through an azoospermia diagnosis? Emmie Woods husband has the diagnosis, and we spoke to her in-depth about it.

Helping Male Fertility With the Microbiome

Male Fertility has been looked over for a while and it’s now time to face it head on with NuaFertility’s microbioma – Nuabiome. Nuabiome is a gut microbiome that helps with male fertility issues such as low sperm count, sperm production, sperm health and many more.

Going Through IVF

Here’s an exclusive poem – one mans view of what it’s like going through IVF with his partner. 

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