We all know we can’t exactly “hack” fertility. What we can do though, is start to take control of our fertility in a way that is relatively simple yet effective. The key is to realise that lots of small changes can add up to a really big change, and that you can apply this to your own fertility. The “hack” here refers to a way of thinking that makes this very simple to do.

What is the “Fertility Jigsaw”?

The Fertility Jigsaw is a wonderful way to visualise all of the different aspects of fertility under one banner. This idea came up during a meeting with NUA Fertility Founder and CEO Deborah, and we couldn’t wait to talk about it!

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When you’re simply not getting pregnant month after month, it’s natural to feel like “something” is wrong. You feel like if that one thing was working properly, then your fertility would improve as a direct result. Often however, it’s just not that simple. 

It can help to think of your fertility as a puzzle to be worked on, rather than as a problem to be solved. Put enough jigsaw pieces together, and you might even solve the big picture before you finish the jigsaw.

There are all kinds of things that can affect your fertility, from the amount of sleep you’re getting to the level of stress and tension in your life. Your diet, hydration and even the microbes in your gut all play a part in your overall health. When these pieces are not fitting together well, or are damaged or even missing, you’re less likely to get the outcome that you want. By being aware of all of the different things that affect fertility, and making small but positive choices, you can start to take control. 

Little jigsaw pieces make a big picture

It may seem strange at first that making improvements to your sleep pattern for example, can affect your reproductive health. The more that both medical doctors and holistic therapists explore the subject of reproduction, the more they discover that all of our natural cycles and processes are deeply interconnected. Studies have shown that the light from an I-phone at bedtime can negatively impact men’s sperm count. We may be high-tech humans these days, but our bodies still run on ancient cycles of darkness and light. It’s hardly surprising then, that some of our internal systems can be knocked out by modern life. Is it possible to break some of these disruptive influences down into manageable parts and “hack” them to work with us, rather than against us? Science seems to think so!

What is the microbiome?

The NUA founder’s area of expertise is gut health, which is a relatively new area of study that is making waves in the scientific world. The microbiome is the communities of tiny but vital organisms such as bacteria and even fungi, that help the human body to function. It’s so important in fact, that the body wouldn’t work without it! The microbiome has been described as an organ in its own right, even though it is so hard to see that scientists have underestimated its importance, and even doubted its existence until it was properly studied.

Healthy gut bacteria is a very important jigsaw piece for anyone on the fertility path, as it affects the body in multiple ways. While infertility can feel like an overwhelming problem to solve, it’s reassuring to know that it can be broken down into far smaller and more manageable steps. Making a healthier choice for lunch, finally starting the therapy you promised yourself, giving up one bad habit, taking time to relax or meditate and taking good quality supplements and dietary supports such as probiotics – these are all manageable and positive steps, and parts of the unique jigsaw that shows a picture of your body in a state of ultimate health and fertility. 

How do you begin to tackle this piece of the puzzle? It’s worth taking some time to look into the microbiome and its effects on health and wellbeing. While this is a new area of study, it looks as though gut bacteria can potentially affect everything from your digestion to your moods, emotions and cycles. It’s possible to adjust your diet to improve your gut health, especially if that may have been compromised by certain medications and lifestyle choices in the past. 

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