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Although surrogacy has been a part of society for thousands of years, it is still a little misunderstood. At the heart of the surrogacy practise is the idea of giving the ultimate gift – the gift of life, to a couple (or sometimes an individual), to cherish and nurture. There truly is no greater power than the ability to bestow new life upon a family, and surrogacy is a deeply powerful and life-changing act, that deserves the utomost respect.

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A Successful Surrogacy journey!

We’re blown away by this incredible surrogacy journey and the beautiful baby at the end of it! From sperm donor to Dad – we absolutely adore this modern tale of LGBTQ parenthood.

Whether you’re gay, straight or you want a child without a relationship, Harvey and Adam’s surrogacy story is extremely inspiring.

Surrogacy mother pens letter to nosy friends – and doesn’t hold back!

Most people are absolutely wonderful and very supportive when we say we had a baby via surrogacy. Others react with judgement and suspicion.

Is surrogacy legal in the UK? Your questions answered

Most people don’t think about surrogacy until a high-profile case hits the headlines, a celebrity such as Kim Kardashian uses a surrogate, or surrogacy is part of the plot in a popular TV series. It can be daunting for people considering surrogacy, when their only...

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