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From the information you need to make an informed decision, to choosing an agency and selecting a surrogate

Surrogacy is a life-changing potential path to parenthood. We’ve asked the important questions, covering the basic and advanced areas – and we’ve spoken to surrogate parents from various walks of life. Anything you want to know about surrogacy, from the legal to the emotional issues – you’ll find it in our surrogacy here.


Surrogacy News

We explain what it’s like to experience a medically assisted conception, exploring the physical, financial, mental and emotional aspects of the whole experience – including how to prepare for IVF.
It’s all about empowering you with the latest impartial information on IVF and IUI procedures and options.

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two women celebratying with glitter strands falling from the sky would you do surrogacy for your best friend

What if your best friend asked you to be their surrogate?

What if your best friend asked you to be their surrogate? If your best friend or sister asked you to carry her baby for her, …

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woodern blocks spelling Surrogacy

Surrogacy mother pens letter to nosy friends – and doesn’t hold back!

Most people are absolutely wonderful and very supportive when we say we had a baby via surrogacy. Others react with judgement and suspicion.

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rainbow flag lgbtqa+ same sex couples having babies guide

The ultimate guide to having a baby when you’re gay

Starting a family is often straightforward for heterosexual couples, but it can be far more complicated for same sex couples. Inspired by our young, gay dads Adam and Harvey, we’ve put together some up-do-date information on the laws and options open to gay and lesbian couples in the UK.

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wooden baby crib with a grey blanket illustrating surrogacy article best fertility now

Is surrogacy legal in the UK? Your questions answered

Most people don’t think about surrogacy until a high-profile case hits the headlines, a celebrity such as Kim Kardashian uses a surrogate, or surrogacy is …

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