Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a real meanie, and it can screw with your self-image as well as your health. From infertility to weight gain and acne, PCOS can make it harder to feel good about yourself as a woman in our unfair society – and it’s damned hard enough already.

This is why it’s important to remember that inspirational, awesome, smart and gorgeous women who have PCOS exist – because social media is not exactly falling over itself to remind you of that! But we are because it’s important.

Here’s why it’s a great idea to follow Rebel Wilson on Instagram if you have PCOS:



Rebel Wilson always looks amazing on Instagram

Yes, we know she’s an actress and she’s glamorous, and maybe it’s not always realistic to compare yourself to someone who has access to Hollywood stylists! But it’s also fun to follow people who have a lot of charisma, and who just look great all the time.

Looking beautiful isn’t something that only thin girls can do, and following someone with a body shape that is very different to mainstream fashion, who is confident and really owning it, can help you to be more confident in your own style choices.

Fashion is supposed to be fun and make you feel good, and Rebel Wilson’s visible enjoyment of her outfits and fashion moments on Instagram are truly inspiring.


Rebel Wilson glows with self-confidence


Self-confidence can be harder to maintain for women who aren’t the fashionable size, who maybe don’t have perfect skin, or feel self-conscious about body hair, or are worrying about their fertility at the same time as all of their friends are starting families.

The truth is though, that women with PCOS deserve to be happy, loved, successful and self-confident, just as much as anyone else does. If you ever doubt this, go and look at Rebel Wilson’s Instagram account.

She’s rocking her life, her career, her figure and her fame, and that is truly inspiring. PCOS is a huge pain in the neck, but you still deserve to live your best life regardless!


Rebel Wilson will inspire you to be yourself


The acting industry isn’t exactly a nurturing environment for women, but Rebel has enough self-esteem and perspective, to process the misogyny and sizeism of the industry.

That doesn’t mean it never hurts her feelings, but she doesn’t pretend that it’s all perfect and respectful.


Her funny, self-deprecating comments reveal the truth about the acting industry, and that she secretly thinks some of it is bulls***.

This little quip right here shows exactly what she thinks of some of the roles she’s offered, and the graceful way in which she puts her best foot forward:


“Even when I’m playing someone named ‘Fat Amy.’ I’m all about confidence and attitude.”


Do I have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome? PCOS expert Amy Williams explains

Sometimes you need more than just a checklist of symptoms to help you figure things out. It can really help to hear from real people, as well as the experts who work with conditions like PCOS on a daily basis.


We love Amy William’s videos, because she is so up-front and easy to understand. If you’re wondering whether you have PCOS, watch this video and see if you relate to the experiences of these two women, who have struggled with PCOS from childhood to adulthood.

Rebel Wilson talks about the fertility challenges of PCOS

PCOS can make it difficult to get pregnant, and as a hardworking actress who just hasn’t found the right partner or space in her life to start a family yet, Rebel has decided to put her eggs on ice. She spoke openly about freezing her eggs and her reasons for doing so, and frankly we PCOS chicks appreciate that kind of honesty.

Rebel Wilson decides for herself what’s important

Frankly, we should all do this. She just wants to have that great experience and do a great job.

Is it really that important to be the “prettiest” actress in the movie? How about being the funniest? How about having the best time or being the most expressive?

The beauty standards of Hollywood are very narrow, and there’s a whole spectrum of ways to express yourself outside of that. We love this quote about being the “ugly” sister – although Rebel’s far from ugly!

“I know, I pick up the roles other actresses don’t want [laughs]. When there’s movies where there are two sisters and one’s the uglier sister, there’s always no actress that wants to go for it. I’m like, why not! They’re the best roles!”


So, that’s why we love Rebel Wilson, and we’re following her on Instagram. Which celebrities do you find inspirational?



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