How does Channel 4’s inclusive pregnancy loss policy embrace diversity and validate all parents?

Pregnancy loss can devastate any potential parent, and Channel 4 have redesigned their policy to reflect this. We are huge fans of this change and the way that it removes barriers to inclusivity. 

The new policy, recently announced on their website, applies to anybody who experiences a miscarriage. This makes it inclusive of fathers, trans parents and parents in same-sex relationships, as well as parents who are undergoing IVF or IUI with donor eggs or sperm. 

Well done Channel 4 for validating and supporting all parents and families when they most need it! 

Fathers deserve pregnancy loss support too

Fathers feel the loss of a pregnancy too, and it’s unfair and potentially damaging to their mental health to leave them unsupported, or to expect them to just carry on as normal. The unacceptable rates of male depression and suicide in the UK, is partly a tragic reflection of society’s belief that only women need support and understanding. We’re delighted to see the needs and role of fathers addressed on the subject of pregnancy loss.

Honours the needs of all participants in surrogacy

There are often at three people deeply invested in a surrogacy pregnancy – a couple and the gestational carrier themselves. If the gestational carrier experiences a pregnancy loss, it is devastating for the intended parents too. Showing each participant equal consideration and support is truly embracing diversity.

Same-sex couples deserve equal consideration

As we become a more inclusive society – and hopefully the world, we are able to embrace and support diverse types of families. More same-sex couples than ever are starting families, and a pregnancy loss is just as devastating for them. It doesn’t matter if the pregnancy was carried by a surrogate, or if one or both parents are not biologically related to the baby. The grief and the challenges it brings can be just as devastating. Treating all parents equally is a huge step in the right direction.

Validates trans parents experiencing loss

Trans people can experience many challenges and microaggressions when they are starting a family. Opening up the pregnancy loss policy to include all parents removes the potential for misinterpretation of the policy. Trans parents who lose a pregnancy do not have to wonder or worry about whether they are able to access the benefits and support of the policy offered by Channel 4, because it has been made clear that it applies to all parents. 

If you are affected by issues of pregnancy loss, the NHS website has a list of organisations that can offer support. 

  • Estimates suggest there are 250,000 miscarriages every year in the UK, and around 11,000 emergency admissions for ectopic pregnancies
  • Information and support on two less common kinds of pregnancy loss: ectopic pregnancy and molar pregnancy.
  • Pregnancy loss from 24 weeks onwards is referred to as stillbirth.  You’ll find more information about stillbirth here.
  • For those in the USA Share is a community for anyone who experiences the tragic death of a baby.