Paloma Faith is an IVF warrior, and her Instagram is giving us life!

Paloma Faith’s IVF baby is one of our favourite IVF success stories this year, and we just love her gritty Instagram posts about it, she is an IVF Warrior!

Sensitive content – description of newborns and motherhood

Singer Paloma Faith gave birth to her second daughter earlier, after no less than 6 gruelling cycles of IVF. While most high-profile stars pose for perfectly-lit pictures with their newborns, Paloma’s Instagram account is a raw diary of her mid-pandemic, post-partum, working-mum battles, and it’s one hell of a rollercoaster. Paloma, you’re a true IVF warrior!

The birth announcement pulled no punches

When her second daughter was born earlier this year, her pregnancy announcement included a description of her sore nipples from the “baby piranha”, and the amount of blood she lost during her C-section (1 litre). She also shared her worry about the breast vs bottle debate.

The reality of sore and swollen boobs

The next post is a closeup of her engorged breasts, complete with two cabbage leaves stuffed down her bra! She explains that her milk came in and her breasts are engorged and that it’s very painful, and she’s worried about ending up in A&E. 

While women are often criticised on platforms such as Instagram for “attention seeking” when they show revealing pictures post-birth, it’s 100% clear that Paloma doesn’t give a stuff about anyone’s cynical judgement – she’s just being honest about the realities of her post-birth body. Glamorous it’s not, but inspiring? Absolutely! IVF Warrior!

Emotions running high

The next post from the 1st of March is a masterpiece in explaining what a headspin it is to have a new baby, and be recovering from a C-section at the same time. She talks about her body issues and excruciating nipple pain, as well as the deep love she feels for both of her children. She’s desperate to be up and about, but she also needs to recover. Never has a pop star been more relatable!

Other challenges covered in the Postpartum Diary series are reflux issues, trying to exercise, breastfeeding through thrush and mastitis, trying to pump, trying to work, and the baby going to hospital with a worrying fever. She also writes beautifully about the the magic of that special time when there’s newborn in the house, and of the love and stress of being a mother.

Paloma, you’re a true IVF Warrior, and we’re so glad it finally worked out for you!


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