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Watch this inspiring video of the IVF journey taken by Kirstie and Chris from Belfast in Northern Ireland.  

Kirsty went through the menopause at 16 and thought she’d never be able to have children but clinic ‘Tambre’ made their dreams came true.


IVF on the NHS when you’re 40, 41 or 42

What are your IVF NHS treatment options when you are facing your 40th birthday, or even over 40? This short post explains your options and …

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Jessica Lester holding a pink much giving a peace sign baby sos IVF workout

IVF workout routine with Jessica Lester!

Our guru Jessica Lester explains how her IVF workout routine makes her feel amazing and helps to release all of those good endorphins!

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A short video about IVF for kids

A short video about IVF for kids!

A short video about IVF for kids Here’s a bite-sized introduction to IVF that’s suitable for children of all ages. Whether you’re explaining it to …

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silver moon pregnamcy dreams catcher with feathers on a blue grey background

Pregnancy dreams what do they mean?

Can you make predictions about your pregnancy based on your dreams? Many women believe that their dreams have reflected real-life events such as unexpected conception, …

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Jo Sinclair how much do donor eggs cost in the UK

Dear Jo, how much do donor eggs cost in the UK?

Wondering how much donor eggs cost in the UK? Our fertility Agony Aunt Jo Sinclair answers another reader’s fertility question! If you have a question …

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A cure for endometriosis

A cure for endometriosis? (We can’t believe Emma Kemsley’s still standing)

Is there a cure for endometriosis? Emma Kemsley puts us straight Our endometriosis columnist Emma Kemsley’s had a shocking few weeks – but she’s still …

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Podcaster and broadcaster Andrea Byrne

Podcast review – Making Babies with Andrea Byrne

As you’d expect from a professional broadcaster, Andrea Byrne’s cheekily named podcast “Making Babies” is lively and on-point. There’s a genuine warmth to the interactions …

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The Egg Whisperer Show

The Egg Whisperer Show

The Egg Whisperer Show – available as a podcast and via YouTube – is hosted by Dr. Aimee Eyvazzadeh who provides a warm, authentic resource …

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gemma colins in a frame with flowers pcos getting pregnant over 40 best fertlitiy now

Gemma Collins-getting pregnant over 40

Getting Pregnant over 40 Gemma Collins has revealed that she suffered her second miscarriage during lockdown and that she’s determined to start a family this …

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Duchess of Sussex megan and prince harry

Everything Meghan did to get pregnant at 39

  The Duchess of Sussex is pregnant again, and we couldn’t be happier for her! After her devastating early pregnancy loss last year, the Princess …

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Meghan's miscarriage

The real lesson from Meghan’s miscarriage essay

Sensitive topic: Miscarriage We’ve all had a rough year in 2020, and it’s really time to take the “Be Kind” message on board for 2021. …

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The first and only world conference with a focus on ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE in fertility treatment

The AI fertility conference will take place between the 15th – 18th September 2022

Destination: The Hotel Dubrovnik Palace, Croatia

Tickets available now: aifertility.org

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Infertility is tough 💔 ...

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Secondary infertility accounts for around fifty percent of all infertility cases.

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Sending hugs today to anyone struggling ❤️❤️❤️😘😘

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