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For anyone starting a fertility journey we strongly recommend a visit to ‘The Fertility Show‘ in London before committing to any clinic.
You will have access to leading doctors from around the world, as well as being able to attend live Q & A’s giving advice on all the subjects you need to know about.
We were lucky enough to be part of the panel of experts at the show, and were asked to film this video giving you exclusive highlights.

nail polish ivf

Should you stop getting your nails done when you’re having IVF?

Is nail polish and gel dangerous or harmful when you’re having IVF? Going through IVF is tough, and getting a manicure and polish or gels …

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bille eilish article

Your IVF and IUI daughters are a gift to the world

Congratulations if you have an IVF or IUI daughter! She’s part of an inspiring generation of young people, whose amazing contribution to the world is …

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IVF Spain and IVF Greece – clinics in both countries are now accepting UK patients again!

IVF abroad delayed? IVF clinics abroad are now accepting UK patients again Have you spoken to your IVF clinic in Greece or Spain recently? British …

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endometriosis yellow ribbon and flower uterus resources

Endometriosis – Helpful Resources

Helpful Resources for Endometriosis  The Internet can be a minefield when you are looking for specific information about a medical condition. It’s difficult to know …

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The Man Cave manual Kevin button Ebook for male infertilty goes viral pictures of Kevin button

The Man Cave Manual Male Infertility Ebook Goes Viral

BFN reporter Kevin Button has given an interview to Yahoo reporter Jill Foster Download your Free copy of The Man Cave Manual Click Here Kevin …

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Carmen Martinez Jover Fertility Books

Carmen Martínez Jover International Lecturer, Author, Artist & Fertility Coach fertilitybooks.net Carmen will be talking live to our own Fertility coach and Agony Aunt Jo …

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21 Miles book cover by Jessica Hepburn blue background ship and woman in red swimsuit illustrationg a book review by best fertility now

21 Miles by Jessica Hepburn review

Book Review of 21 Miles – Jessica Hepburn 21 Miles by Jessica Hepburn is an award-winning collection of accounts from real-life women, that asks the …

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blue book coverLouise Warneford Baby Dreams with a baby in the center, baby is wearing a blue hat and covered by a yellow crohet blanket,

Baby Dreams by Louise Warneford review

Louise Warneford’s Baby Dreams Book Review. Baby Dreams is more than an autobiography; it is a very powerful exploration into conception and its many hurdles, …

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Natalie Silverman interview

Natalie Silverman interview

Jo Sinclair interviewed the famous fertility podcaster, Natalie Silverman! Watch two powerhouse women with a passion for all things fertility.

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Paloma Faith IVF warrior

Paloma Faith is an IVF warrior, and her Instagram is giving us life!

Paloma Faith’s IVF baby is one of our favourite IVF success stories this year, and we just love her gritty Instagram posts about it, she …

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louisa lytton actress whom plays ruby allen on eastenders endometriosis story best fertility now

Ruby Allen’s endometriosis story let endo sufferers down

Ruby Allen has endometriosis, and real endo women are both glad and mad about it Eastenders recently aired a story about the character Ruby Allen …

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IVF success for Eastenders star Kellie Bright photo by ok magazine

IVF success for Eastenders star Kellie Bright

We love an IVF success story! Congratulations to Eastenders star Kellie Bright, who just announced that she is pregnant for the third time – with …

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Fertility 2023
10-13th January – in Belfast

The joint fertility conference is an annual event hosted by the Association of Reproductive & Clinical Scientists, the British Fertility Society and the Society for Reproduction and Fertility.
The 2023 conference will take place in Belfast with the theme ‘Reproduction in an ageing world’.

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Starting a fertility journey in the New Year? Then here’s some top tips from Jenna at the fertility suite!
Check out our website for more - including our highlights video of the fertility show. Well worth a visit next year.

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Have you seen our article about the best gifts to buy a friend or loved one on a fertility journey?
We’ve collated the best ideas from America, Australia and the UK.
Check it out:


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Please support Deborah Brock the CEO of Nua Fertility as she attempts IVF in 2023.
Her fertility journey inspired her to develop the award winning fertility supplements for men and women.
She and her husband Mark, are amazing people who have dedicated their lives to helping others have success after struggles with infertility.

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So important not to apportion blame when discussing infertility.

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Sending love to all ivf warriors today.

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Sending you hugs today if this resonates…

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