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Our current projects

These are some of the media projects we are working on right now. We collaborate with experts and the public, to produce informative and educational fertility content.

Secret Confessions

An anonymous column that explores the hidden side of the infertilty experience. Frustration, resentment, contraversial solutions and secrets. Sometimes shocking and often relatable, this is the side of infertility that most people keep to themselves.

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Hard-hitting interviews

We’ve video-interviewed experts and ordinary people about infertility during the lockdown. Covering difficult topics such as miscarriage, IVF, baby loss, endometriosis and surrogacy, we’ve asked all the hard questions on your behalf.

Partnerships with experts

We’re producing content with some of the top experts in fertility such as reflexologist Amy Williams, to bring you a free and Covid-safe stream of therapeutic and informative experiences.

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