Content warning: Sensitive.

Some couples have a tough time with fertility, and celebrities are no exception. We’re delighted to report a surprise pregnancy for Backstreet Boy’s Nick Carter and his wife Lauren Kitt.

Lauren’s had a rough baby journey, suffering multiple miscarriages around the births of her two children. She didn’t believe that she was capable of getting pregnant again, and the couple was considering surrogacy to increase their family. After suffering no pregnancy symptoms and having no indication whatsoever of a pregnancy, Lauren “felt something move” and feared the worst – a tumor or serious illness. However, the doctor confirmed that she was carrying a 5 month, healthy pregnancy, and the couple is now looking forward to meeting their stealth-baby later this year.

The couple has been very open about their struggles with infertility and baby loss on social media, helping to bring the issue into the spotlight for fans. We wish them the best of luck!