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PCOS: My Story Pt2 Eating Away Your Insulin Resistance

In my 20’s I was sent for that many blood tests, the pathologist remembered my name without looking at my papers. We chatted about my previous weekend activities and she asked about my cat Coco. To her credit, she never stuck her nose into anything more about my health and was a refreshing conversation to have compared to the confusing, conflicting and frustrating appointments I knew would follow with whichever Medical Professional had ordered the bloods.

I was eventually diagnosed with Insulin Resistance. I had no idea what it truly meant but at the time the Dr explained to me that it was why I couldn’t maintain a stable weight and was gaining fat easily. This was despite eating hardly anything and exercising my heart out, but she told me to cut out all carbohydrates because this food was making it worse.

What is PCOS Insulin resistance?

If you do a quick google search it doesn’t take you much to believe it because this was the generic message. Carbs are evil.

This was before my education so I took it on the chin and wondered how I was going to survive without bread, rice, pasta, crackers, potatoes, sweets or anything sugar for the rest of my life. She went as far as saying that fruit was also a contributor and vegetables should be kept to a minimum because they were technically carbs.

I had PCOS, hated what I saw in the mirror and now was being told I couldn’t eat any of my favourites food unless I wanted to stay fat, sick and unhappy. I wondered why I was so lucky to be handed the ‘worst body in the entire world’.


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What can you do about insulin resistance?

Thanks to 10 years of previous dieting, I knew I already had an unhealthy relationship with food, but this further fuelled my binge eating problems.

I tried so hard to stick to a steamed chicken and broccoli diet but come to the end of the week I couldn’t resist the temptation for the very foods I was supposed to be avoiding. If you saw me drinking, I was simply trying to mask my unhappiness with alcohol because I was only getting sicker and fatter.

PCOS pocast my story megan

Finding the knowledge surrounding food, what it does to us on the inside when we eat it and how it impacts our reflection, I was gobsmacked. Put simply, carbohydrates make your insulin function better AND helped you lose weight if you consumed them frequently.

At first, I couldn’t believe it, but something made me realise that there was no way I could go backwards with my health if I were to try it. I hated my body, I hated how it was controlling me and had hit my rock bottom. I seriously had nothing to lose and everything to gain in trusting the science and seeing the facts about how this food group physiologically impacts us for the better.

Can you cure PCOS insulin resistance?

My most recent bloods show that I no longer have Insulin Resistance. It looks as if I never had a problem and now it feels like I never suffered all those years. I enjoy carbs with every meal and still enjoy treats guilt-free.

I’m completely frustrated with the PCOS industry and professionals who work in our field and are still convincing women they should give up carbs completely.

I am surrounded by so many others who have suffered PCOS, diabetes and many other hormonal conditions that have eaten themselves healthy with grains, vegetables and fruits. It’s my mission to help turn the ratio around of women who are suffering just like I was. 

If you’re also living with insulin resistance and wondering if there’s another card to play other than being a victim. I’m telling you it’s hidden in the very foods you’re NOT eating.