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Jo Sinclair
Freedom Fertility Formula Coach  & Agony Aunt

Jo specialises in educating and supporting people with emotional issues, building resilience, mental health and wellbeing.

She is passionate about helping people with fertility issues and those who want physical and emotional advice and help to build their family through their conception and fertility journey.

Jo offers a free advice service to all Best Fertility Now, readers.
Fill in the form below to receive your free support.

Faith r sex and reationship advice best fertility now

Faith R – Sex & Relationship Advice

Faith is a writer, former fetish model and solo traveller with a love of science fiction films and rock music, all things postapocalyptic, coffee, and cats.

She uses the lessons learned in her relationships and the self-advocation learned in her fourteen-year modelling career to help others improve their communication and partnerships, without losing themselves along the way.

Faith is bisexual, ethically monogamous and based in London.

Join us as Faith answers your relationship/dating questions and gives you her honest and important views in order to fix your ongoing relationship and dating struggles or problems with our partner. 

Our new series – Dear Faith is aimed at making sure that our viewers have the best possible relationship with their partners and can get help from us whenever possible to keep both of you happy and satisfied in every aspect of your relationship.

Please email us if you have any questions for Faith please fill in the form

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open letter Crying but still trying

Crying, but still trying – an open letter to women who get pregnant so easily

An open letter from a young woman with fertility issues, explaining why she feels guilty about avoiding her pregnant friends. Dear friends, relatives, and people …

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reb blue and green menstrual cup

Wait, why do you not have a menstrual cup yet?

The benefits of a menstrual cup vs tampons It’s true that menstruation is a very personal thing, and people who menstruate are all individuals. We’re …

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How to inject yourself for IVF

How to inject yourself for IVF (you can do it! We believe in you!)

Check out our reel on injecting yourself for IVF Featuring the amazing Warrior Jessica Lester– See the Full article by Jo Sinclair below!   View …

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two pink pineapples being held in an outstreached hand on a pink background Wholesome IVF and fertility memes for when you’re feeling fragile

Wholesome IVF and fertility memes for when you’re feeling fragile

Let us give you a great big hug, in the form of some of our sweetest and most uplifting fertility and IVF memes.

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red haired woman deep in green leaves, holding a sign that says you are already a warrior join the fight for better healthcare illustrating the fertility activism article on best fertility now

4 ways you can be a fertility activism warrior

Inequality in healthcare harms everyone – How you can take part in fertility activism  Ignored, dismissed and gas-lighted – if you’re female or non-binary, are …

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black woman in cream underwear holding a red flower over her vagina

7 things you should never put up your vagina – and 7 things to go town with!

Things that upset the delicate balance of your vagina can cause issues – Never fear artisanal dildos are still on the fandango-friendly list.

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asian woman holding her finger to her mouth in a shh, she is on a dark orange background, illutrating the Adoption is amazing – just don’t suggest it to your childless friends post

Adoption is amazing – just don’t suggest it to your childless friends

Is it wrong to tell childless women to adopt? It’s not morally wrong – your heart is probably in the right place, and adoption is …

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bolnd woman holding a heavy pineapple illustrating the IVF warrior article on best fertility now

A letter to my IVF friend, who thinks she’s not a warrior

My IVF friend is the strongest woman I know – but she hates me pointing it out! This anonymous letter made us tear up a …

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Jo Sinclair how much do donor eggs cost in the UK

Dear Jo, my IVF is super stressful and husband’s family don’t believe in IVF – how can avoid getting stressed?

Our reader Liz in London wants some tips on coping with IVF stress without alerting her husband’s family – who are against IVF for religious …

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sikh man in a black turban sat on a sofa with a woman who is holding her head in her hands, illustrating the atrcilve can stress cause infertlity

Can stress cause infertility? Scientists say yes

Can stress cause infertility? If you’re struggling to get pregnant, then you may have been told to avoid stress because it could make your infertility …

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