We love an IVF success story! Congratulations to Eastenders star Kellie Bright, who just announced that she is pregnant for the third time – with her “miracle” child, at the age of 44.

The “itch” for another baby

Kellie, who plays Linda Carter in the long-running London soap, felt an emotional attachment to her frozen embryos. Already the mother of two boys, she felt “an itch, a desire to have more” and they decided at the end of 2019 to try for another baby. This was just before the pandemic struck. 

After having their treatment delayed by pandemic restrictions, the couple were uncertain about proceeding. When they had spent the first lockdown with their boys, however, they were certain that they wanted to add to their already adorable family. They waited for the clinics to re-open, and began a frozen embryo transfer.

A scary moment

The first two attempts sadly failed, but the actress was lucky the third time. Even though there was a devastating moment when she had a bleed a few days before the pregnancy test, the test came back positive. The couple announced their happy news after the 12-week scan.

It’s always wonderful to hear successful IVF stories, and we’re inspired by Kellie’s optimism! We wish her all the best on her fertility journey, and we’d love to read your thoughts on it too. Please leave us a comment below or on our socials!

Photo by Ok! Magazine