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Our expert Amy Williams makes IVF simple. 


Wellbeing is such an important part of conception success.  Caroline Tanner from the Instagram account @avocado_fertility and freedom fertility counsellor, Jo Sinclair, discuss the role it plays in helping you on your journey.


We explain what it’s like to experience a medically assisted conception, exploring the physical, financial, mental and emotional aspects of the whole experience – including how to prepare for IVF.
It’s all about empowering you with the latest impartial information on IVF and IUI procedures and options.

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Laparoscopy stage 4 Endometriosis

Laparoscopy – a complete guide by a stage 4 Endometriosis survivor (part 1)

What can you expect when you undergo a laparoscopy? My name is Emma Kemsley, and I write about endometriosis. I have stage 4 endometriosis, and …

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China’s 3 child policy

China’s 3 child policy change will rock the fertility world

How will China’s 3 child policy affect the fertility world? This is a special report into how China’s recent policy change may affect adoption, IVF …

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authentic IVF

5 Low-key but authentic IVF pages to follow right now

Aren’t IVF Facebook pages a little old fashioned? Maybe they’re a little retro in the fast-moving world of social media. However, we think of Facebook …

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bille eilish article

Your IVF and IUI daughters are a gift to the world

Congratulations if you have an IVF or IUI daughter! She’s part of an inspiring generation of young people, whose amazing contribution to the world is …

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IVF Spain and IVF Greece – clinics in both countries are now accepting UK patients again!

IVF abroad delayed? IVF clinics abroad are now accepting UK patients again Have you spoken to your IVF clinic in Greece or Spain recently? British …

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How to inject yourself for IVF

How to inject yourself for IVF (you can do it! We believe in you!)

Check out our reel on injecting yourself for IVF Featuring the amazing Warrior Jessica Lester– See the Full article by Jo Sinclair below!   View …

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black woman in cream underwear holding a red flower over her vagina

7 things you should never put up your vagina – and 7 things to go town with!

Things that upset the delicate balance of your vagina can cause issues – Never fear artisanal dildos are still on the fandango-friendly list.

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white snow drop on a dark green forest backgroundm purple butterfly in top right corner this is the symbol used to tell healthcare workers parents have had a baby loss and the pink and blue ribbion bottom left corner is the symbol for miscariage awareness

Pregnancy loss policy at Channel 4 is inclusive, validating and kind, and we absolutely love it!

Pregnancy loss can devastate any potential parent, and Channel 4 have redesigned their policy to reflect this. We are huge fans of this change and the way that it removes barriers to inclusivity. 

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bolnd woman holding a heavy pineapple illustrating the IVF warrior article on best fertility now

A letter to my IVF friend, who thinks she’s not a warrior

My IVF friend is the strongest woman I know – but she hates me pointing it out! This anonymous letter made us tear up a …

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black woman laying on a bed of large geen leaves witl pink white and orange flowers in her natural hair illustrating avoiding BPA for fertility

Avoiding BPA when you’re doing IVF or trying to get pregnant

Should we be avoiding BPA? How does BPA affect hormones? Can BPA damage fertility? BPA stands for Bisphenol-A, and it’s a substance found in many …

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