Smoothies are a great way to pack in lots of nutrients, which is helpful when you are trying to improve your fertility. A smoothie can be as simple as throwing a couple of fruits and water into a blender. But if you really want to up your fertility game, here are ten powerhouse ingredients that you may not have tried yet:

Beetroot and beetroot powder are fantastic for fertility 

Beetroot is a strange vegetable, and not everyone is crazy about it. However, it goes incredibly well in smoothies, and contains some of the most important nutrients for both male and female reproductive health. It’s also packed with iron, which is very important when you are trying for a baby. Beetroot powder is a convenient way to add beetroot to a variety of dishes, including sauces and casseroles, as well as smoothies. If you prefer to use pre-packed, cooked beetroot in a smoothie, choose the type without vinegar! 

Fertility expert Zita West explains the awesomeness of beetroot:

“Beetroots are a fantastic source of the antioxidant resveratrol, which is thought to help combat against age-related infertility. They also supply nitrates known to improve blood flow to the sexual organs, making them useful for male fertility and for supporting a healthy uterus during embryo implantation.”

See Zita West’s beetroot smoothie recipe here

Carrots are an amazing fertility food, and no one talks about this!

The humble carrot barely gets any attention in a market crowded with the latest expensive superfood. But did you know that carrots are absolutely packed with vitamin A – a vital nutrient for reproductive health? Low vitamin A levels can really hinder fertility, so it makes sense to include carrots in your daily diet wherever possible. They’re cheap, they add a sweetness to smoothies, and they contain vitamin K and other nutrients too. 

A great tip for including raw carrots in smoothies, is to opt for frozen, chopped or mini-carrots. The freezing process breaks down the structure of the carrot, so it’s softer and more easily blended. 

Walnuts are such a great fertility food for men and women

We love walnuts so much, we wrote an entire article on why men who want to be dads should eat them! We also talk about them in our raw vegan for fertility article. Walnuts are very helpful for female fertility too. Simply add a handful of walnuts to your daily smoothie to reap the benefits of this powerful tree-nut.

Top tip – If your blender isn’t the best, try soaking nuts before blending for a better texture.

Avocados are so good for you, but do you put them in smoothies?

We all know that avocados are packed with fertility friendly nutrients – but not many of us tend to use them in smoothies. Maybe it’s because they’re more of a savoury food? 

If you don’t normally eat avocados, or don’t like the texture of them, then adding them to a smoothie is a handy way to consume them. Avocado goes well with sweet & heavy flavours such as chocolate, so you can make your own healthy chocolate fertility milkshake with avocado!

If you’re not an avocado fan, then buying frozen is the most economical way forward.

Raw Cacao powder

Not to be confused with coco powder, raw cacao powder is the less-processed stuff. Copper, zinc, selenium and antioxidants are all in abundance in this deliciously fragrant powder. You can of course use whole cacao nibs if you prefer, but the powder tends to mix perfectly into smoothies. 

Cacao also contains arginine, an amino acid that helps to promote blood flow to the uterus and ovaries. The benefits go on and on, and it’s so easy to turn your boring banana and oat smoothie into a luxurious raw chocolate milkshake with a scoop of cacao powder. 

Oats aren’t just for porridge you know!

Speaking of oats, if you use cow or plant milk in your smoothies for that creamy taste – did you know that you can save money by using a scoop of ordinary oats and water instead? 

Fibre, vitamin B, selenium, magnesium – the list goes on and on. Oats are one of the best fertility food around, and they can help you to feel full for longer too. 

Chia seeds

These tiny black seeds might not look like much – but chia seeds are astonishingly powerful. They contain omega-3 in plant form, which is an essential nutrient for fertility. 

There are two ways to use chia seeds in smoothies – either add them to the mix and drink right away – or soak them and use their thick, gel-like texture to add bulk to your smoothie.

Coconut water

Fresh coconut water may not be in abundance in cities and towns like it is near tropical beaches, but if you do enjoy fresh coconuts then definitely add the water to your smoothies. Coconut water has been used for thousands of years to improve fertility.

Cracking open a coconut today? Freeze the water in an ice cube tray for coconut smoothies all week!

Brussel Sprouts can be added to smoothies – this is not a drill!

Seriously? Yes! If you can hide a brussel sprout or two in your smoothie, you can reap the benefits of di-indolylmethane, which helps balance the oestrogen levels within the body. They also contain Omega-3. 

Frozen sprouts are the best in terms of freshness, and because the freezing process softens the sprout without cooking it. This works best in strong, green-flavoured smoothies, although you can also disguise the taste with berries. Best of all, frozen sprouts don’t give you wind like cooked sprouts! And if you’re still not convinced – here’s an article about Prince William and Kate snacking on sprouts to improve their fertility!