BFN Experts

We work with selected experts to bring you high-quality educational & therapy content. All our experts are qualified, experienced and passionate about fertility.

Fertility Agony Aunty Jo

Our resident expert Jo is a teacher, a doula and so much more! She has a wealth of experience and boundless energy, and can be found on our social media pages talking directly to our readers, as well as on our website conducting video interviews and creating amazing fertility content with us.


Endometriosis expert Emma Kemsley

Endometriosis is a debilitating and chronic condition, which affects millions of women worldwide. Emma’s painfully honest and often funny column “Emma vs Endo” details her struggle to make peace with her condition.

Clinical Reflexologist Amy Williams

Maternal reflexology expert Amy is a regular contributer to Best Fertility Now. We’re looking forward to sharing

Doula Nicola Carter

We’re delighted to have birth doula, fertility coach and hypnobirthing teacher Nicola Carter on board. Nicola specialises in perinatal mental wellbeing, focusing on supporting good maternal mental health. 

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