Dear Jo, I’m a man feeling isolated as my wife goes through IVF

Where can men find IVF support online?

Dear Jo,

My wife is undergoing IVF related to male factor infertility. We’ll be starting the third cycle soon.

I’m feeling a bit alone with this if I’m being perfectly honest. It’s not the kind of thing I can really talk to my workmates or friends about. A couple of them know, but the conversation doesn’t really go beyond “Don’t worry mate, I’ll be fine.”

Where can I find like-minded people? 

Stressed-Out Husband, Sussex

man laying on the ground looking stressed, dear jo

Dear Stressed-Out Husband,

IVF is hard for men too

Thanks so much for your message, and good for you for reaching out! Many men struggle to talk about fertility issues, and this can lead to additional stress. Supporting your partner through the IVF process is hard, and it’s important for you to be able to process your feelings and connect with others who are going through a similar experience to you. Rest assured there are some amazing resources out there for you. 

Support for men going through IVF

Because I deal with couples a lot, I have connections with many resources and organisations that may be able to help you to feel part of a wider support network.

Obviously, our website has some amazing information and resources but I have also set up a small Facebook group with a friendly community you would be welcome to join.

Fertility Network is also a great resource and the main fertility charity that has some great information and some events that may be of interest. 

Recommended support groups for men going through IVF

There is one specific group for male factor and a men’s support that I can personally recommend – The Man Cave, run by Kevin Button.  

The man cave logo dear jo

@them_ancave hold a monthly group run by Kevin and a related support group. Kevin’s a very down to earth chap, and he’s a powerhouse of information and support relating to fertility struggles in men. 


Best of luck with your fertility journey stressed out husband, and I hope that you found this information helpful.

Jo Sinclair