Wondering how much donor eggs cost in the UK?

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Dear Jo, how much does IVF with donor eggs really cost?

I’m a 44-year-old woman, and my partner and I really want to have a baby. We had IVF last year but the oocytes didn’t develop enough over the 5 day period, so it was a failure.

The doctor said that the egg age may have been the problem, so we’re looking at using donor eggs next time. 

I’ve looked at a few websites to see how much this will cost, but it’s all a bit confusing, to be honest. Can you help me out with a bit of info about how much this might cost, please?

Thanks in advance and best wishes,

Lauren from Cardiff

Jo Sinclair Agony Aunt Best Fertility Now

Hi Lauren, thank you so much for your message about donor eggs & IVF

I completely understand why the doctor would be suggesting egg donation. This could be a very good option for you if this is something that you would consider.

Unfortunately, there’s no set or easy answer to this question. The cost will depend greatly on the clinic and many offer egg donation packages and prices. It would be worth asking for recommendations locally of clinics – but equally, consider may be traveling abroad for treatment. I am an advocate of traveling for treatment if this would end the best and most affordable and appropriate option for you.

Everyone needs different procedures and each cycle and need are very much on an individual basis.

There are lots of articles and links on our page about choosing clinics, and a downloadable E-book on the same page, which has some very useful information on IVF, including the egg donation process.

I hope this has been helpful and feel free to reach out again in the future. Wishing you well on your journey.

Jo Sinclair