Carmen Martínez Jover
International Lecturer, Author, Artist & Fertility Coach
Carmen will be talking live to our own Fertility coach and Agony Aunt Jo Sinclair on our Instagram 14th July 6pm BST
As an artist, Carmen painted her emotions during her own infertility journey.
Without knowing then, her ART became a therapy to help her overcome  depression and the loss of sense of living.
She just wanted to be a mother, something so simple had become so complicated for her.
This led her to paint chairs.
Why chairs? Because all she wanted was another chair at her table.
She wanted a family.
Carmen Martinez Jover painting chairs
After self-publishing her autobiography “I want to have a child, whatever it takes!” Where she shares her infertility journey, she started giving lectures internationally promoting this human side to infertility.
Through her ART she creates empathy and bonding with the patients who are going through similar situations.
She shares the lessons learnt and helps patients tune into a more positive attitude.The desire to become a mother is universal there is no difference in language, religion or culture. So sharing her infertility journey through her paintings gives the lectures a unique human touch.
She has given lectures in India, Turkey, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Brazil & USA.  Also, her paintings can be found in several clinics internationally.
Carmen believes in storytelling to help parents share how their family was conceived.
So this led her to write many children’s stories on egg donation, sperm donation, two dad, single mum by choice etc.
Her books can be found in and are available in many languages and different formats.
Working with my sister Rosemary Martinez who does most of the illustrations
Working with my sister Rosemary Martinez who does most of the illustrations
As a Fertility Coach she has supported people worldwide giving online sessions for over 22 years.
She was once there, and it hurts, which makes her very passionate about the support given to help others.
Carmen Martinez Jover Fertility Books:
ADOPTION –  (edition for boys & girls  in English)
adoption story fertility books
SINGLE MUM BY CHOICE / sperm donation (edition for one child & twins in English, Spanish, French)
single mum by choice fertility books
TWO DADS- surrogacy + egg donation (edition for one child 2009 & twins 2013 in English, Spanish, French, Italian)
gay parenting fertility books
Egg donation, sperm donation, embryo donation, adoption, surrogacy (edition in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch)
40 years ago adoption was a taboo, now-a-days it is very open. Society takes time to adapt so I thought if you inform a child it shortens the time society takes to accept these new modern families
how babies are made fertility books
EGG DONATION (edition for boys 2011, girls 2005 & twins 2018  in English, Spanish, French)
egg donor book
MY AUTOBIOGRAPHY, I share my life through my paintings as a short cut to others (English & Spanish)
I want a child book
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