Why Brian Mcfadden’s third child is a Rainbow Baby

Content warning: pregnancy and infant loss

Singer Brian McFadden and his fiance Danielle Parkinson recently shared the happy news that they are now parents to a baby girl. Behind the happiness and celebrations, however, is a familiar story of infertility, IVF and miscarriage. The couple have been open about their fertility struggles, and fans are delighted that they have finally managed to achieve their dream of having a baby. 

Couples in Brian and Danielle’s position of having a baby after a lot of heartache and struggle sometimes say that their baby is a “Rainbow Baby”. What makes this child a Rainbow Baby, and why is this name important to a lot of parents who have struggled?

What is a Rainbow Baby?

A Rainbow Baby is a child who is born after the loss of a baby. This includes miscarriages, stillbirths, premature babies who don’t make it, terminations for medical reasons and babies who pass away shortly after they are born. The symbolism of a rainbow as a sign of hope even after a storm is very apt, for parents who have experienced the heartache of losing a baby. 

Brian and Danielle’s daughter was conceived via IVF, and she suffered two miscarriages prior to her daughter’s birth. It took the couple several years to get pregnant, and they have shared their pregnancy journey via the news and social media

Why Rainbow Baby is an important name for some parents

It can be a strange feeling for parents to celebrate the birth of one baby, knowing that they have lost another. The joy of having a baby doesn’t cancel out the loss – parents just learn to live with both love and grief in their hearts forever. Calling the first child after loss a Rainbow Baby acknowledges the hope and joy of the new birth, but also the previous loss and heartache, and the child they never got to know. 

Congratulations on your beautiful Rainbow Baby, Brian and Danielle!