Louise Warneford’s Baby Dreams Book Review.

Baby Dreams is more than an autobiography; it is a very powerful
exploration into conception and its many hurdles, especially the often undiscussed effects of
miscarriage on personal mental health and family.

Baby Dreams offers a new and realistic portrayal of having and overcoming fertility issues. The debut book provides insight into the various medical procedures Louise Warneford underwent, whilst also effectively showcasing her vulnerability and hardships faced during this definitive period of her life.

Due to the book’s captivating rawness, readers gain an insight into the mental
effects of miscarriages and fertility issues, a subject not often broached due to a lack of
representation in the reading market.

Louise Warneford invites readers into her life with an unapologetically honest delivery. She

bares her soul, sharing with the reader sensitive information such as her childhood experiences,
first heartbreaks and tough lessons learnt in life. This merging of excerpts of her personal life
within her fertility story reinforces the fact that for many women fertility issues can consume
lives, making this book a passionate read.

Often difficult topics are overshadowed by complex medical terminology and overwhelming information, but Baby Dreams is an easy to read,
information-packed book that also dives into the sentimental everyday experiences that shape lives.
This personal invitation to her life causes this book to differ from the usual information on
miscarriages, as a sense of humanity is restored in regards to the discussion of fertility issues.
This is done through the use of photographs, offering a refreshing change from medical
diagrams. The difficult dilemma of balancing fertility treatments with the unpredictable nature of
life is represented effectively in this book as it details the emotional anguish on Louise
Warneford, her husband and their family,

Warneford is a down-to-earth narrator, allowing readers to be able to find a piece of themselves
in the book, especially with the variety of treatments Louise Warneford underwent such as IVF, IUI, and holistic aides such as juicing. No one treatment or procedure is praised as a miracle worker. Instead to help other women avoid falling prey to scams or overzealous advertisements
Louise provides a realistic review of each as well as the time spans and cost.
Overall Baby Dreams is a wonderful well-rounded book that accurately portrays the highs and lows of fertility journeys whilst also providing easy to understand information regarding the
processes Louise Warneford undertook to achieve her baby dream of conceiving William Oliver Warneford.

Review by Kudakwashe Phiri