What gift can I get a woman doing IVF?


When your friend is going through IVF, you can really help them by letting them know that you’re thinking of them. We have some amazing gift ideas, whether you want to make a simple gesture to let them know you truly care, or really go to town by creating your own IVF gift basket, we’ve got ideas and inspiration for all budgets!


What is IVF and how will it affect my friend?


IVF is a course of treatment that begins with medication & ends with a pregnancy – or not. Nobody can predict the outcome of IVF, making it super stressful for the woman and her partner. There’s an operation called “egg retrieval” that happens during the IVF cycle, which can be uncomfortable and painful for some women. IVF is nerve-wracking, takes a long time and doesn’t always end happily. This is why your support can be so welcome!


What’s the best gift idea for someone having IVF?


Forget flowers – here are several truly uplifting gifts for your friend during her fertility treatment. Each one is a truly thoughtful gift by itself, or you can combine them to form a special IVF gift hamper.


A takeaway


Be honest – if you had a hard day, would you rather have a bunch of daffodils or an entire pizza to yourself? Gifting a takeaway via a Justeat gift card can really raise a smile. You can send them instantly by email or text, and even personalise them. Perfect for the office whip-round!


pizza boxes ivf gift guide


BPA-free and organic cosmetics for fertility


Many fertility experts advise women to avoid unnecessary exposure to unhealthy chemicals when they’re trying to conceive. This means some women simply aren’t going to use that posh bath oil or perfume right now, no matter how nice it smells. 


You don’t need a long list of all the complicated chemicals to avoid – just remember that BPA-free plastic or glass containers are ideal and that the words “organic” and “paraben-free” are good. Vegan and plant-based cosmetics are very hot right now, especially as a lot of women are starting to give up meat and dairy for fertility health.


woman in bath with fruit slices ivf gift guide


The words “pure botanicals” and “synthetic-free” on cosmetics means that they are made from plant material and don’t contain artificial chemicals. That’s great for putting your friend’s anxious mind at rest.

Recommended formulas for IVF patients:


earth zest ivf gift guide


There are many wonderful products that fit the bill, but we personally recommend EarthZest Organics cosmetics. We love the luxurious formulas and the effect on our skin. They are 100% paraben and synthetic-free, organic, vegan, and even come in special jars that don’t leach chemicals into the formula. They were developed by a sensitive skin sufferer, so they’re as gentle as can be. However, their powerful facial balms have been a big hit with actresses and models, who are prone to breakouts and skin fluctuations due to travel and makeup. MyAnna Burring from Downton Abbey is a fan of the range. As treatments involving hormones often lead to stressed out skin, a little pot of organic, aromatherapy skin magic can really help!

Use the code BEST on the EarthZest website for a 15% discount!


Socks and pyjamas


woman on a bed in pjs and sleep mask ivf gift guide


It’s not often that socks and nightwear make the perfect gift, but fertility treatment can be an exception. If your friend is having an egg transfer, then a fluffy new pair of pyjamas or socks can be bliss. Bonus friend points if you can find these items with pineapples on, as the pineapple is the unofficial emblem of fertility treatment seekers, due to the nutritional content of pineapple cores.


IVF Fertility planner


IVF and fertility treatment, in general, takes a lot of planning and organisation. We absolutely adore this beautiful IVF positivity planner by fertility coach Sarah Banks.

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Scented aromatherapy candle


Bearing in mind that your friend might be avoiding things like artificial fragrances and synthetic chemicals for a while, choose from one of the many soy wax formulas and pure essential oil fragrances

high end woodwick soy wax candles

Geranium, ylang-ylang and Frankincense are the classic oils to promote fertility, and rose and lavender are popular and safe choices. Some essential oils must not be used by women trying to conceive, so stick to safe fragrances and blends, for a truly relaxing and thoughtful gift. 


Dairy-free treats


box of high end dark chocolates


Some women cut out food such as dairy when they are trying to conceive. If you would like to cheer your friend up with a food gift, there are some beautiful dairy-free chocolates and ice creams to choose from. Booja Booja is the ultimate luxury chocolate brand for dairy-avoiders, but many ranges now do plant-based options. Galaxy bars come in several non-dairy flavours, and who doesn’t enjoy ice cream when they’re having a rough day? Ben & Jerrys and other premium brands also offer several dairy-free options. 


Luxury teas and hot chocolates


tea cup with lemon ivf gift guide


Some women cut out caffeine when they are trying to conceive, so a gift of herbal tea or luxury hot chocolate can really hit the spot. Bear in mind that some women are avoiding dairy too, so if you’re not sure about their diet while undergoing IVF, choose from the wide variety of beautifully packaged teas and chocolates that don’t contain milk. 


Hot water bottle

Procedures such as egg retrieval can be painful, and a good old fashioned hot water bottle can help to relieve symptoms. Choose a fluffy cover, and even personalise it for a truly sensitive gift for your IVF warrior friend.