Five actionable hacks to improve your sperm health and motility and your overall health today!

Some men have the attitude that “if it’s meant to be it will be” about having children – but it is entirely possible to take control of your fertility. Additionally, all of the stuff that’s bad for sperm health is also bad for your health too. If you want to be a dad some day, then you’ll likely want to be an involved, energetic dad. Building dens, playing football – not only with your own kids but with your grandchildren? You stand a much greater chance of being an active dad & enjoying fatherhood more if you take care of your health. 

Can exercise improve sperm health?

You probably already know this one, but exercise is great for sperm health. Several studies show that men who exercise regularly have better quality semen than men who are sedentary. 

You don’t have to become a super-ripped gym bro overnight. Any regular exercise will help – and if you have been sitting around too much over lockdown, then improving your sperm quality as well as your overall health and fitness is a great motivator.

Sperm health actions:

  • Join a gym
  • Schedule an appointment with a personal trainer
  • Commit to a schedule
  • Ride your bike or walk to work instead of driving

Which vegetables are good for sperm health?

The short answer is all of them, because vegetables are a true fertility powerhouse. Studies consistently show that men who eat more veg have better sperm

All veg is good, but filling your plate with folate-rich choices such as spinach and asparagus can have a positive effect on sperm health. If you’re having a hard time packing in the veg, remember that cooked tomato counts, so swapping creamy sauces for tomato based dishes can help to boost your nutrient levels. 

Sperm health actions:

  • Swap mashed potato for this tasty cauliflower mash (we promise you’ll hardly notice)
  • Extra helpings of veg at mealtimes
  • Swapping meaty curries for veg-based dishes
  • Choose tomato-based curry and pasta dishes over creamy sauces

Is processed meat bad for sperm health?

Sausages, burgers, bacon, ham and hot dogs. We know they’re not good for us, and now there’s another reason to lay off them for the foreseeable future: fertility. Processed meat contains substances that are pretty appalling for your body, and while the occasional hot dog won’t do you any serious damage, longer-term they can really harm your health.

Can’t live without your Friday night burger or Sunday morning sausage sandwich? Swap burgers and sausages for taste-alike plant based versions. Beyond Burger and Richmond Meatless sausages get the thumbs-up from carnivores, who often can’t tell the difference. While these sneaky substitutes are not exactly a health food, they don’t contain a lot of the harmful additives that cause so many health problems in men. 

Sperm health actions:

  • Cross processed meats off your shopping list completely
  • Experiment with high-quality substitutes for burgers, sausages & sandwich fillers
  • If you really want to eat fast food, keep processed meat to a minimum e.g. pizza rather than kebab

Is alcohol bad for sperm health?

You guessed it – alcohol is also not great for male fertility. We all have different tolerances and appetites for alcohol, but if you’re going over the recommended weekly consumption for men, then you’re drinking too much for optimum fertility. 

It’s easy for some men to simply cut their alcohol consumption, or to cut it out altogether. Not everyone finds it simple though. If you think you will struggle, then there is support available. You can also see your doctor about this. 

Remember that there is a lot of sugar in alcohol, and that cutting out drinking also means cutting calories. Not drinking can be a great way to lose extra pounds as well as improving your health. 

Sperm health actions:

  • Cut out casual drinking – a beer here and there, or a bottle of wine with a takeaway
  • Figure out what is a good substitute for your favourite drink. Alcohol free beer and spirits are pretty tasty these days, or you might discover a new soft drink you really like.
  • Get support if you find it difficult to modify your drinking habits

Is sugar bad for sperm health?

Why is sugar a problem for male fertility? On top of the things we already know about eating too much sugar – that it can cause diabetes (which can cause infertility) and obesity (also bad for fertility), some studies have found a high-sugar diet could be an important factor in limiting sperm health and motility – and even one of the factors in the worldwide male fertility crisis.

Sperm health actions:

  • Cut out all chocolate, cakes and sugary foods
  • Make a plan to reduce sugar in your diet and deal with sugar cravings
  • Use healthy sugar substitutes such as Stevia in coffee and tea
  • Stop drinking juices and sodas – switch to sugar free soda or even better – plain water
  • Remember that sugar is in alcohol, processed food and “health” foods such as yogurts

Can air pollution be bad for sperm health?

This one’s a little harder to control than diet and exercise – but being aware of the air you breathe can help you to improve your fertility.

Car exhaust fumes, industrial pollution and chemicals at work and at home can invisibly attack your health. While the body has a very efficient system of dealing with the toxins you’re bombarded with every day, it’s still a good idea to minimise this if you’re planning on having kids in the future. 

If you work with chemicals, even if it’s ordinary cleaning fluid, make sure you have the correct safety equipment and that it fits properly. Open windows where possible. Air your car out after a valet, and roll up your window when you’re stuck in traffic. Avoiding highly industrial or densely populated areas and opting for open spaces might not always be practical, but just being aware of where you spend a lot of your time can help you to cut down on air pollution. 

Sperm health actions:

  • Try to avoid areas that are heavily polluted
  • Always wear safety equipment when working with chemicals at home or at work
  • Air out work and home spaces

Can cleaning and grooming products be bad for sperm health?

Unfortunately yes – this isn’t just a myth. There are chemicals in cleaning and grooming products that are endocrine-disruptors. These chemicals can mess with fertility in both men and women. 

Sperm health actions:

  • Swap cleaning products for safe versions
  • Choose personal care items that are BPA free (Earthzest does amazing men’s skincare that is free from all synthetic chemicals)
  • Opt for personal care products in glass bottles rather than plastic

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