Aren’t IVF Facebook pages a little old fashioned?

Maybe they’re a little retro in the fast-moving world of social media. However, we think of Facebook like some old bars and cafes, that are great places to hang out and be yourself and meet interesting people. Instagram and Tiktok – well, they’re more like the cool nightclub you might go, to see and be seen. There are some authentic IVF gems on Facebook (of course, a lot of these people have Instagrams and Twitters too, but there’s no shame in being a little old-school!) – real people with real stuff to say, who care more about making a difference to that one person who stumbles across their stuff, than they do about where the next ten thousand likes is coming from.

We’ve discovered five low-key but inspirational IVF Facebook accounts for you to follow today. And if one of them suddenly blows up and becomes wildly popular – you were there first!

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Content warning: IVF, pregnancy,

IVF Chasing Dreams 

Cage fighter Alex Reid’s fiancee Nikki Manashe has had one hell of a fertility journey. After five miscarriages and with only one fallopian tube, feisty Nikki finally realised her baby dream! She is currently pregnant with the couple’s baby.

The really cool thing about Nikki’s extremely low-key Facebook page, is that she has access to all of the press and attention she wants, because of her famous fiancee (and also because she’s stunning). She prefers to do her own thing though, and you really get the feeling that this is an authentic account, created to connect with other women on a fertility journey – rather than someone trying to be an influencer. She clearly manages the page herself and talks directly to followers. At only a couple of hundred followers, this account really is a hidden gem.

Author and adventure activist Jessica Hepburn

Sometimes the most authentic voices are not the ones that shout the loudest! You can buy this award-winning author’s book from Waterstones, but incredibly she only has a few hundred followers on her Facebook page.

While Jessica clearly has time to craft great posts and interact with followers, she’s too busy writing and climbing mountains to chase after new page likes all day – we can totally respect that!

This feisty page campaigns tirelessly for an end to the “Postcode Lottery” of IVF treatment in the UK. For our US and other visitors, this means that whether you get government funded IVF depends on where you live.

With services being cut to the bone all over the country, now has never been a better time to support an IVF activism page!

Nourish by Caitlin

IVF nutritionist Caitlin Townsend’s Facebook page is a sheer delight. She’s all about very simple, actionable tips to help you get ready for IVF and beyond. The posts are calming, well-designed and packed with helpful information. This lady really knows her stuff!

The IVF Warrior

Our criteria for this post was “amazing IVF pages with no more than ten thousand followers”. This page sneaks in at the higher end of our criteria at around 900+ followers when we last looked.

The IVF Warrior is a relentless, colourful barrage of realistic positivity and support – and the crowd who follow the page are lovely too!

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