Book Review of 21 Miles – Jessica Hepburn

21 Miles by Jessica Hepburn is an award-winning collection of accounts from real-life women, that asks the question “Does motherhood make you happy?”

When the author found that she couldn’t get pregnant, she directed her energy and attention towards other goals. This led to a punishing training regime that eventually saw her able to swim the 21 miles across the English Channel. Proving there is plenty of life still to live, even amidst the grief of infertility, 21 miles went on to win awards and inspire thousands of women.

Our Agony Aunt Jo loved the book, and this is what she had to say:

“Such a painfully honest and heartfelt emotional read written by an extraordinary woman. This story of strength and rediscovery of life, written with humour and style that makes you just want to keep turning the pages. Submerged in its great imagery and emotional writing, that anyone impacted by infertility can not only relate to it, but also find some comfort and resilience in reading.”

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